Security officer allegedly ambushes commuter at Tuas Checkpoint and forces him to pay hefty fine for forgetting new $3.20 toll

A commuter travelling from Singapore to Johor Bahru, Malaysia forgot to pay a new $3.20 toll but was allowed to go past the gantry. As he moved past the gantry, a Certis CISCO officer who was allegedly hiding behind a signboard suddenly appeared and demanded that the commuter pay an additional $50 fine.

The security officer was allegedly hiding behind the signboard

Sharing the incident on Facebook, the commuter Rich expressed that he felt particularly furious since the hefty fine could have been avoided if the gantry was able to automatically detect and prohibit trespasses, thereby preventing fee evasion.

Interestingly, Rich noted that the toll is charged by Land Transport Authority (LTA) while the fine was imposed by Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA).

As far as implementing drop-arm barriers that automatically detect toll payment, LTA’s website clarifies that “one option being studied with ICA is the feasibility of having ICA’s drop-arm barriers lifted only when the motorist has paid all tolls and fees.”

This statement was posted on LTA’s website in July 2016. It appears that improvements have not been implemented more than a year later.

For now, the S$50 fine for motorists who evade tolls and $100 fine for repeat offenders is still in effect.

Read Rich’s experience here:

Please SHARE to avoid getting fined at TUAS checkpoint for forgetting to pay your gantry toll. No second chance. Official trap.
Today while going to JB using Tuas Checkpoint, second link, we forgot to pay for the $3.20 toll charges using our cashcard by honest mistake because it slip our mind. However the toll gantry open letting us exit to a hiding Certis Cisco officer behind the sign.
He immediately asked us if we paid the toll charges and we apologized immediately and said it was a slip of mind. However he demanded that we make a fine payment of $50 plus the $3.20 we short paid without any leniency or warning.
We asked the officer in charge why the system allows the gantry to open and let cars to go through without paying the toll. He said the system belongs to ICA and not LTA. Is system integration so difficult as Woodlands and Johor Checkpoints’ gantry does not open unless you pay toll charges.
It is very obvious the Certis Cisco officer is hiding. He knows immediately that we forgot to pay while the ICA officer doesn’t. Its a trap to collect revenue obviously. We asked the officer, and he replied that he is not hiding, he just happens to be standing there. BS?
We gave feedback to integrate the system to open the gantry after paying tolls and the officer ask us to feedback to their bosses ourselves as they cannot give feedback as their bosses will think they are trying to skive or change the system. They also said there has been many complaints of this issue, meaning to say nothing has changed. Isn’t feedback from the ground the most important for improvement? Why Singapore Certis Cisco and LTA doesn’t improve systems that don’t benefit themselves. If you cannot guard the well being of your staffs, how can you guard the well being of the citizens, and how do you make Singapore a better place for us?
This is not an issue of money but an issue of trust. Without a trustworthy system in a first world country, setting up traps like this to make a quick buck, it just is not right. With mindless soldiers in the front end following instructions blindly will cause the downfall of the organization and our future. Shame!

Please SHARE to avoid getting fined at TUAS checkpoint for forgetting to pay your gantry toll. No second chance….

Posted by Rich Sng on Wednesday, 18 October 2017


  1. Silly system? Wasting a Cisco officer to stand there just to catch ikan bilis. Why don’t interface the gantry so that it will only open when payment has been made?

  2. Who’s fault is it though? Cannot blame anyone but himself. The cashcard machine and obvious buttons are literally in your face when you submit your passport at the booth. There are also signs posted right there that it is an offence not to pay. There’s no excuse really.

    • Kelvin Goh We already know the Sg govt is full of crap. That is why it is our own responsibility not to fall into this kind of trap. I know a lot of drivers who conveniently “forget” to pay the toll. Or conveniently “forget” to top up to 3/4 tank. Get away with it no problem. But if get caught don’t cry father and cry mother. Want Sg to make proper improvements? Wait long long… you better cover your own ass first.

  3. Singapore is so farked up that the system is so outdated compare to robbery country malaysia.
    Malaysia uses touch n go system whereby no touch no go. Is never a scam to summon drivers.

    Whereas in Singapore, they setup a trap to summon you.

    From here, you can see how money singapore is in treating poor peasants.

    When mrt breakdown or delay, refuse to pay commuter sgd1000.

    Learn from IRAs, summon u to pay on time.

    Yet they dare not apply it to themselves.

    How cunning.

  4. one word to describe malaysia a robbery country is more advance than singapore whereby u still need officer to guard whether u pay or not?

    Even ah Beng ah seng also can tell you to use touch n go system widely available in robbery country malaysia.


  5. what it honest mistake. did u forget to bring ur passport along. did u forget to bring money u know the exchange rate 1:3.. all this issue u don’t know?

    • Clap clap …We are looking at someone who never forgets ….. next time you forgotten something , ask yourself … did you forgot to bring along your intellect ?

  6. $50..and you kpkb very long story all over the internet.E.g…If car parking at those non barrier gantry open lots n he suddenly “forgot” to place a valid coupon how then.?…also claim kena ambush n fine again huh.Blaming is easy but to take responsibility is another thing.Kiss n Say goodbye to ur $50 worth of petrol in Msian RM lorr !

  7. My case was worse! I put in my cashcard in LTA’s faulty reader and a fuck tard jump out and took pictures of my car. I question him why and he accused my of slotting my card wrong way. I got off and told the CISCO people to pull out the CCTV footage to prove I did wrong. Those retards actually let me off without that “admin charge”. Bloody world class crooks!

  8. This is not new. Happened to many motorist but only on the Singapore side. On the Malaysia customs, you are not allowed to pass as the gantry will only open after you have paid.

  9. Ignorance is not bliss! What you mean ‘forgot’!? You know that is a new toll fee, even if you’re allowed to move past the gantry, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to pay it!

    The motorist probably thought he was lucky to escape paying it and now kpkb!

  10. If they can do mrt entry …u touch then open, no way they can’t do it. It sum up that they can trap you n summon u heavily …. Money face Singapore. worst than Malaysia. Shameless

  11. I guess the Hon. Mr Lee’s government is beginning to become somewhat like his northern neighbor’s government… Desperate need of funds… What happened is not a slip of the mind by the Singapore government but a trap… We human do have a slip of the mind but the government of Singapore does not… They have too many monitors in place, just like Orwell’s ‘1982’…

    Anyway, l guess it’s just the company Mr Lee keeps… He is slowly but surely is being influenced by it…

  12. I face tgis yesterday also fir more than 10 over yrs paying the toll and yesterday i was distract talking to ti family n genuinely forgot to pay that $2.70 for the very first time and was stop by Aetos and ask to pay $50 plus the $2.70 without any reminder or give warning. They are so yau kwee the $2.70 and tot we going to cheat for that bloody $2.70. If i know have to pay that ecrra $50 just because human nature we forgor do you think its worth not to pay that $2.70 ridiculous. They saud if i not going to pay they will push to LTA gd of threatening…bloody idiot only know how ti charge peoole but solved jam problem zeroooi

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