Second Chance CEO Mohamed Salleh Marican confident he will qualify for Elected Presidency contest


Second Chance CEO Mohamed Salleh Marican has picked up the application forms for the upcoming presidential election on Monday (5 June).

“I have done very well in business and I feel I want to give back to society in a much larger way,” said Mr Salleh after collecting his forms at the Elections Department.

Mr Salleh’s name was among the list of potential candidates since it was announced that this year’s presidential election will be reserved for Malay candidates, and he has put all such rumours to bed by picking up the forms.

Second Chance Properties is the first company owned by a Malay to be listed on the Singapore Exchange. Its shareholder equity was between $254.3 million and $263.25 million in the past three financial years. The recent changes to the eligibility criteria for standing in the presidential election state that candidates with private sector experience must have run a company with at least $500 million in shareholder equity, to automatically qualify. Addressing this issue, he said that while he may not automatically qualify, he hopes he can convince the Presidential Elections Committee he is deserving.

Mr Salleh said that he was moved by PM Lee’s call that candidates will step forward. He also said that he had done well in business, and this was his way of giving back to the society in a much larger way. He also added that as a businessman, he possesses two qualities that may set him apart from his opponents: good judgment and good emotional intelligence.


  1. Come on lah…. Uncontested for Presidency spot? Of course must add some drama lah. If not is not call a Movie lah. The shocking news will be last minute Halimah back down from contesting for Presidency lah. Than we wait for Movie part 2 lah

  2. Sure why not? Allow the PAP to show there’s competition and not a one woman show. Of course the best woman will win the race. Hahahaha…….

  3. Pay back to the society in what ways? Donate all his pay to charity or just attend charity event to cut ribbon or give a speech?

  4. It does appears they know that only a handful of Malay candidates qualifies for it. Before they changed the criteria, they have exclusive access to such information at their finger tips through IRAS’s record on any individual as well as corporation. The pool of candidates who might qualify are extremely small if there are any at all. Not everyone who are qualified, is keen to take up the post knowing the politics and real intent. No insults are intended.

    Then we are left to their choiced candidate hence walkover. Game over. Get only to smell our CPF through small pinhole, if any, within possibly the biggest safe in the world but not get to verify ……

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