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President’s address 2018: Key priorities of the Government




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Obbana Rajah

In her first President’s address, held on Monday evening, President Halimah took the opportunity to lay out the global and local scenes as well as the issues that our government intends to address.

The address was held at the opening of the second session of the 13th Parliament.

Some of the main points that she brought up pertained to:

  1. Securing Singapore’s position among global changes.
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President Halimah spoke about how the local military has been preparing itself and how Singapore’s global ties need to be strengthened.

This is in light of global events and changes that are taking place.

  1. Further developing our city.

President Halimah spoke about the upcoming developments taking place with regards to Singapore’s infrastructure. She brought up the latest addition to Changi Airport, its fifth terminal, and the new Tuas Port. President Halimah also spoke about how the expansion of out Central Business District to Tuas will change things in the city. Our ties with our closest neighbour, Malaysia, will be strengthened with the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High Speed Rail and the Johor Bahru-Singapore Rapid Transit System Link.

  1. For the people

Because Singapore’s greatest asset is her people, the quality of life and education need to be developed. President Halimah said that the quality of pre-schools will be raised and the elderly and those with disabilities will have more aid given where needed.

  1. Looking ahead

Lastly, in looking forward, President Halimah brought up the Singapore Bicentennial, due to happen in 2019, and how plans for it are already in progress.

According to Gov.sg, President Halimah said that Singaporeans need to work together – both the leaders and their people – as they “go through trials and tribulations together, and forge their own bonds afresh”.


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