“Presidential” advice for NDP Bird Boy?


The precocious Henry Park Primary School Pupil who made headlines for raising his middle finger at the camera during the National Day Parade on Wednesday has not only attracted the attention of netizens but has earned some advice from presidential hopeful Halimah Yacob, as well.

Halimah – who has been dominating headlines herself after resigning from her elected MP role and from her seat as Speaker of Parliament to contest the reserved presidential election that has been mired in controversy – had this to say to the boy’s parents when she was asked about the boy in an interview with a local news website:

“I have a word of advice for his parents, if I could.
“I’m also a mother, I’m a mother. Maybe should just call aside the boy and tell him this is not the right thing to do, and explain to him!
“I think that would be the ideal. The parents would come in, counsel him, and say “look this is not the right thing to do” and why. You need to explain why, you know.
“I always feel that instilling values in young people is a job for parents. Because they are born, and the day they were born, they were with us. We have a duty to instill values in them, you see.
“And so I think, that’s what the parents should do.”

The establishment favourite hopeful also had the following words of wisdom for the boy himself:

“You made a mistake, learn from it, and move on.”

The boy is reportedly “deeply apologetic” for his actions, according to Henry Park Primary School’s principal who also told a local daily that the boy has been counselled.

NDP Bird Boy: Scolded by school, embraced by netizens


  1. My advice is this. How about our country not become like North Korea and force underage children to practice under the hot sun for weekends on end just to have a military parade on National Day so that the PAP can stroke themselves? Counsel the kid? I bet every pissed off kid there wanted to do the same thing but just didn’t have the balls to do so.

    Kids that age aren’t slaves. None of them volunteered to take part in the NDP. None of them want to spend their Saturdays rehearsing when they could be like normal kids and do their own shit.

  2. When the day they are born.. father & mother need to leave them to others in taking care of them.. only to spend a few hours a day when they are awake, a few days in a month, a few months in a year… they have to spend & depend their life more to others rather than their father & mother because father & mother need to find $$$$ for their cost of living to survive.

  3. No one knows what is going on his mind at that moment and moreover he is just a child. Children are innocent, unlike adults. The method he used may not be appropriate, however it is not such a big issue that is made to be. Probably, he learnt to vent his anger from adults without knowing the consequences that come with it. The poor innocent lad had received more than what he deserves, please stop and leave him alone. My thought…Cheer!!!

  4. Don’t blame the child. For any misbehavior adults should shoulder the bigger blame. Our little ones learn from us. Many a time I had seen parents rush and fight for car park lots, flash fingers at others, use four letters words etc etc with their little ones in their cars frequently. So they grow to be like them too as after all “a child is father of the man”. They pick up our traits but unfortunately better in the negative ones.

  5. F la his just a kid can u all stop posting? U all want another dead child? Presidential hopeful can’t even just ask the ppl just leave the boy alone? U r a Mother if this happen to be ur kid would u want others to teach u how to teach ur kid pls la shut up n leave the boy alone

  6. Hey! Those words are very basic … expected lots more from a President-in-waiting like ‘understanding why he fid that’. Guess we cannot expect much from a ‘puppet or uninitiated’ candidate…Our President was very silent when GIC lost US$7bn on UBS. Maybe his finger is a message to leaders for losing billions of his future…

  7. Joke of the century, she advise others on moral and family values? How to advise other when she doesn’t have either moral and family values? Feel sad for her father. Just to become president she can forget and dislink herself from the fact that she is an Indian. If she has moral she would tell his boss that she cannot contest as she is an Indian and this election is reserved for Malay. That’s respect and moral. Now just sit and wait for the salary increment nia. moral??? Make sure you have moral before advising other on moral. Pui!!!

  8. I agree with what Halimah is saying. It’s a gentle rebuke to the boy & also the parents. The current President is more a puppet as he just kept absolute silence when LHL/LHY saga burst into the scene, not that he should interfere but come in like GCT w fatherly advice & some invaluable input to ease tensions. The current President also kept quiet when GIC lost $7 bill esp when he was former Chairman of GIC. Hopeful next President will be more outspoken not as a form of interference but no views at all implies boh chap attitude after being paid more than a million $$ of tax payers hard earned $$. V impt that next President can’t always side w PAP when they can be wrong sometimes & be party neutral & support opposition when they are right. It’s difficult really for Halimah to do that as look at how she stopped LTK in Parliament on pertinent points on the LHL/LHY saga but keep quiet for PAP MPs who were more off track than LTK.