SINGAPORE: In a heartwarming video that quickly gained traction on r/singaporehappenings, a 26-year-old man did something incredibly thoughtful for his dad—he surprised him with two tickets to New Zealand, a destination he had always longed to visit.

When his dad saw the ticket, he exclaimed, “What?!” and was momentarily speechless. Then, he hugged his son, overwhelmed with gratitude for the amazing surprise.

S’porean man, 26, fulfils dad’s lifelong dream to visit New Zealand, surprises him with SIA tickets during Hari Raya
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The son wrote, “I realized that this is not just my first time experiencing life but also my dad’s. So, I wanted to give him this opportunity for all his hard work.”

“If you were to ask my dad where he’d want to go in the world, this would probably be his top choice,” he added.

The son also explained that his dad had never gone outside Asia before, so he thought it was time to make his dream of visiting New Zealand come true.

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He even coordinated with his dad’s workplace to ensure he could take time off for the trip.

“This is so wholesome, hope father and son have the best trip of their lives in NZ”

In the comments section, Singaporean Redditors were singing praises for the son who made his dad’s dreams come true, saying how well he was brought up and what a wonderful person and son he is.

A few also expressed how touched they were by the son’s actions, sharing that they were moved to tears while watching the heartwarming video. One Redditor even joked, “Who’s chopping onions…”

Another Redditor said, “This is so wholesome, hope father and son have the best trip of their lives in NZ”

A third Redditor also shared a touching experience of surprising his dad with a Seiko 5 watch using his first salary:

“Nothing fancy, automatic watch. To this day (almost 25 years now), he still wears it sometimes over his Rolex Submariner and takes care of it as if it’s super expensive.

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Made me cry when he said, ‘If I lose my Rolex, i’ll be sad, but life goes on. If I lose this watch you gave me, I will be devastated’.”

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