Passenger refuses to pay in full after taxi driver makes wrong turn, shouts that he is from gang 369


A video of an alleged gang member refusing to pay the full taxi fare after his driver did not make a correct turn has been going viral online.

The altercation between the cabbie and his passenger began over a turn that the driver missed. When confronted about missing the turn, the driver claims that he cannot turn since they are travelling on a one-way road.

The passenger, however, points out that he could have made the turn earlier. The driver concedes that he could have.

The passenger then asks the taxi driver to reverse his vehicle – a demand the taxi driver rejects since they are still on the one-way road.

To this, the passenger directs the driver to stop ahead and says, “You didn’t take the turn at the first road. Cannot turn? You might be muddled but I am not,” while he places two bills beside the driver as payment before withdrawing one of the notes.

The taxi driver collects the payment and counts it but finds that the amount is insufficient. He directs the passenger to the taxi meter and tells the passenger that the fare is $16.

The passenger asks: “Then you made one less turn, I still must pay?”

When the driver asks him, “You want to pay a not?”, to which the passenger replies: “I don’t want to pay.” The passenger tries to leave the taxi when the driver threatens that he will call the police.

It was at this point that the driver said, “Hey, you’re Singaporean right. Don’t run away lah.”

The incensed passenger shouts: “Limpeh is from 369 gang!”

The video ends after the taxi driver alights to reason with the passenger who insists that he will only pay the full fare if the driver reverses the vehicle.

It is unclear exactly when or where the incident occurred.