PAP MP Louis Ng draws harsh criticism and sympathy after he tears up in Parliament


Member of Parliament (MP) for Nee Soon GRC, Louis Ng appealed for extended parental leave for new parents in Parliament this past week. In his speech, Ng emotionally recounted his experience caring for his premature twins who were born in February 2017 and choked up as he spoke:

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Minister Josephine Teo who oversees population affairs said that the government will “seriously consider” Ng’s suggestion but that it will “need to balance between providing support for employees with caregiving needs, and employers’ concerns,” especially since parental leave was recently enhanced with fathers receiving an additional week of paternity leave from this year.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong weighed in on Ng’s speech in a Facebook post on Thursday. Calling Ng’s speech “heartfelt and moving,” the head of government said that “The public service is piloting extended parental leave. We will explore further ways to help parents of preterm babies or multiple births.”

MP Louis Ng Kok Kwang made a heartfelt and moving speech in Parliament on Monday. Louis recounted his family’s…

Posted by Lee Hsien Loong on Thursday, 3 August 2017

Netizens responding to Ng’s speech weren’t as moved as the Prime Minister, though.

Many netizens roasted the MP online, questioning whether his appeal is representative of whether an MP will only speak up if he/she is personally affected by something.


The criticism of Ng could stem from cynicism arising from recent instances from this year alone where emotional parliamentarians were recorded choking back tears while making their speeches.

Last month, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong himself made headlines when he teared up while recounting his father’s words to him during the parliamentary debate on the Oxley saga:

Earlier in March, Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say broke down thrice while recounting the story of a single mother suffering from a brain tumour:

Lim Swee Say choked back tears as he recount the success story…

Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say chokes back tears as he recounts the success story of a single mother (of two children) suffering from brain tumor, and her determination to learn and get herself promoted.Channel 8 video

Posted by Singapore Matters on Monday, 6 March 2017

Regardless of the reasoning behind being skeptical of Ng’s emotional speech, the reality is that going through what Ng and his wife went through will be heart-wrenching for anyone and recalling such a difficult experience is bound to make any parent tear up.

Prominent socio-political blogger Andrew Loh came to Ng’s defense on his Facebook page this week, indicating that the criticism against the MP is needlessly harsh. He said:
“An MP has a personal experience. It made him realise the shortcoming of the system. So he highlights this.
But he gets abused – for?
For raising the issue because he had personal experience of the issue.
Why kind of logic is this? So an MP who has personal experience of an issue should not raise it? Or he should have raised it in the past – even if he had not experienced it?
I don’t understand this kind of argument.
I’d rather see it this way: he came to know better because he went through a personal experience. So he chose to speak up now, and in doing so, it could benefit many people who are in his situation.
I thought that is obviously a good thing.
Instead, we are nitpicking about when he should have spoken up. And worse, we are blinded by this inexplicable anger to see that there were actually two premature babies involved who were hanging by a thread between life and death.
No wonder it is said Singapore needs a long time to mature.”

Some netizens echoed Loh’s comments online as well:


    • i know of many parents who raise their down syndrome children with just $1k salary.
      Wat did tis useless mp of yishun do to deserve tis, i think he has to reflect.

  1. You want to cry, cry at home and not in the parliament. You stupid, you are not fit to be a MP. Resign because you fail the test. We Singaporeans are looking for tough guys and not Johor road guys

    • Difficult for anyone to believe he is genuine. Look, he is getting $16K a month. Isn’t that more than enough to pay for the premature babies expenses? How about those who earn say, $5K a month but still manage? No, no sympathy from me for him. Learning fast to wayang!

      • Remember the under-privileged single mother applying for a HDB flat being rejected. And over here this MP applying for more benefits for premature kids they are so keen to look into it. PAP really knows how to take care of their cronies yah ?

  2. He is a traitor to the people who cared for animals. I guess when you are attracted to money and money speak louder than I have no respect for such a character. Shame on him. Phwee!

    • Regardless cry or not cry ! It will be the last thing one want to do and that is to believe and trust a politician !!!!
      The base line is when the Pappy through their MSM propaganda organ tell the mass to do something , one has better move into no action mode or do the opposite !!! lest they lead one into an abysmal hole of no return !!!

  3. This is why they should make the ministers responsible for the mrt actually use it to get around. , amongst other other ministers and their respective areas of responsibility.

  4. Wonder if this pappy M$$$$$$$ salary minister would be acting in similar fashion if the story told happened not to be himself ……..???
    in any case , let’s wait and see what f*%#^* change would come about ……..but for sure if change will happen it will be attached with a mean testing criteria !!!!

  5. Please lah! Moved by Louis Ng speech? His mother got collect cardboard boxes or not? Is he or his mother part of sungei road hawkers? Aiyoooohh!!! GTH!

  6. When you see your day old infants plugged in with monitors and needles… requiring oxygen pumped into their young lungs, the constant beeping of ICU devices.

    Any man will tear.

    One cannot help but wonder where did the compassion and human decency went to but the dumpsters.

    A new low for sub-humans that share the space we live in and air that we breath.

  7. Remember the under-privileged single mother applying for a HDB flat being rejected. And over here this MP applying for more benefits for premature kids they are so keen to look into it. PAP really knows how to take care of their cronies yah ?

  8. I wonder why the men in parliament are becoming like women crying so easily ???
    I wonder whether there are iron in the politicians, be they men or women ?
    I wonder whether their tears will flood Singapore like in the days of Noah???
    I wonder how to count on these men when they cry in parliament debates
    In the Teochew Opera, I wonder whether the eunuchs are obligated to cry together with the emperor ???

  9. F la take care of single parents first la fucking mp pay enough to take care of their children( premature/ autistic) if mp with children cry imagine the working class parent

  10. I hope our MP will cry when they realise Singaporean will soon be confused esp the young that race is determined by religion n not by genetic. Cry when more senior Singaporean moving into JB when their children can’t afford the medical n old aged home in Singapore.

  11. Those born in Singapore citizens have great sorrows and unceasing anguish when we begin to see the men in parliament crying over their personal welfares instead of looking into the welfares of the poor senior citizens of Singapore
    I saw two Chinese women at Marsiling searching from dustbin to dustbins, picking up aluminium drinking cans and paper cardboard!
    When those earning double income with millions are crying over their personal welfares fighting for more holidays, what will be the miserable plight of the poor citizens searching the dustbins for treasure to convert to food for their stomachs???
    May those rich MP with double income, please donate $16000 as Universal basic income for the poor citizens of Singapore, especially those who are unemployed and are traumatized by illness???
    I am very worried to see the men having too much estrogen female hormones in their body, and their behavior as crying babies are not acceptable in parliament debates!!!
    Although we are in an era where EQ supersede IQ but we need SQ to be strong and of good courage!
    Thanks be to God, that it is well for the ladies in Singapore to remain single like Dr Lee Wei Ling, than to get married to men who are weaklings, especially disgraceful to cry in parliament debates over personal welfares instead of national issues
    Why they did not cry over the beggars who sell tissue paper, singing in the market place and those searching the trash bins for aluminum cans???
    Vote wisely in GE2019

    • Dun waste yr time telling these whitescums abt poverty,lky had said there r no beggars in sinkapoor.
      If there are, they are out there for exercise (courtesy of TCJ)

  12. Seeing both PM & Louis By tear in Parliament is no crocodile tears, whatever others say, I don’t bother as it concerns their families & other families. I support Louis Ng for the broader benefit of other parents as life as parents are truly demanding. Despite all the criticism, I would say Kudos to PM & MP Louis for such heartfelt speeches, which isn’t crafted out from merely scripted speeches.

  13. I empathise with MP Louis Ng. His story of his personal experience is indeed heart wrenching. I can also understand Singaporean’s cynicism.

    The reality is there are many similar heart wrenching experiences out there. Most fall on deaf ears and are arrogantly shoved aside by the G. Some Singaporeans I believe are even taken to task for having a crutch mentality and conveniently dispensed with because they were lesser Singaporeans. Perhaps you need to be someone well placed and connected to be heard and taken seriously by the Government. Perhaps we lack MPs who are willing to apply the same fervour, motivation and passion to champion the legitimate causes of lesser Singaporeans other than their own.

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