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Netizens outraged at fake accident scammer




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One netizen was nearly scammed by a man who pretended that the netizen’s car had hit him. When his scheme became obvious, the man said he was handicapped. The netizen posted photos, a video, and the narrative of the encounter in order to warn others of the scheme. In less than 24 hours, the post had been shared more than 8000 times.

Yesterday, July 10, netizen Ng Then Hau took to Facebook to warn others about a man on an electric scooter who claimed that he had been hit by Mr. Ng’s car.

The incident occurred around the SS2 mall area.

The man in the scooter unexpectedly emerged from the wrong side of the road while Mr. Ng was driving. He stopped before hitting the man, who came up to his car, touched it, and then lay down.

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Mr. Ng pretended to have a car-cam, implying to the man that he had filmed everything.

The man then stood up suddenly and got back on his scooter, telling Mr. Ng he is handicapped.

This ended the matter, and Mr. Ng added a youtube video link showing how people fake accidents in order to claim insurance.

Mr. Ng’s post obviously struck a chord with many other netizens, who have since re-posted his story, photos and video more than 8,101 times, with many netizens commenting angrily on the man’s actions

Several netizens recognized the man, since he had done the same thing to them, also at SS2 mall.

Perhaps the reason why the post has been so widely shared is that the man has tried to do the same thing many times now.

Mr Ng clarified that he did not wish to file a police report, but simply wanted others to be aware of such schemes

However, other netizens felt that he should be reported

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