Mother discovers mould on NTUC Fairprice brand cheese slices


An odd greenish substance was found on NTUC Fairprice brand cheese slices by a young mother yesterday.

The mother, Facebook user Jmaleni Saravanan, shared videos of the substance which appears to be mould online and revealed that the expiry date of the cheese is in 2018:

“I wanna puke my guts out now!! I opened a new pack of cheese from Fairprice and found greenish substance on it. Its expiry date is in 2018!! Thank God I didn’t give it to the little one!! Yuck!
“UPDATE: After posting these videos, 4 ppl have said tt their cheese had the same issue. So it could be an issue with the entire batch. Kindly check it cheese before consuming. I have messaged NTUC Fairprice about this. Will wait for a reply.”

*Update* After posting these videos, 4 ppl have said tt their cheese had the same issue. So it could be an issue with…

Posted by Jmaleni Saravanan on Monday, 27 November 2017

Saravanan has reached out to NTUC Fairprice and is yet to hear from the group.

Since Saravanan posted her videos, some others have also come forward to claim that cheese products they purchased from the supermarket chain appeared to be mouldy:

Sentha Angel Max: Mine too. My shredded pizza cheese was all blue. From NTUC too

Uma Mageswari: Omg my cheese too sometime back my girl took a piece from the same brand and had greenish stain… I threw the whole pack of cheese … the expiry was 2019 too

It is unclear whether the mould in these products are isolated incidents or whether mould has affected one or more batches of products.


  1. Never buy good produce from NTUC. Their customers are ghastly. They will touch and rip apart packing to get a good look. They toss the fruits about to pick one fruit. The staff don’t treat the fruits well. The staff will hide spoiling part of the fruits when they wrap it . At the heart of it, it is the Singaporeans.

  2. Cheap Fast and Good at taking cover. …. From outside but rotten from inside attitudes workers.

    We open the floodgates for them into our system.

    MRT foreign workers
    Logistics. ..foreign .worker
    Food Beverages. .Foreign ..worker
    Food chain ….f/workers
    What have not been unveiled. … are still covered up ….. like flawed reports or relabel the expired date. , (period. )

    More …. are yet to unveil.

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