Man bullies pregnant woman on MRT

Facebook user Maria Louise Dass shared that she was bullied in an MRT by a man just because she wanted to occupy a reserved seat. The man pointed out to her that the seat was a one reserved for the elderly, disabled and pregnant, and when Maria said that she was pregnant, asked her to prove that she was. The incident happened on 7 September at about 10.20pm.

This is what Maria said, just in case you can’t read what she posted:

“Never thought I’d be the one posting something like this but I want everyone to know! It’s 10.20pm and I’m on my way home from my appointment on the MRT, circle line. I walk to a priority seat as it was empty and I politely asked this ridiculous prick standing right in front of the seat, to excuse me, so I can sit down. He pointed at the reserved seating sign and stared at me wide eyed.. I said yes, I am pregnant. HE ASKED ME FOR PROOF!?!?!? I said who the hell are you to ask me for proof? Do you want to see my medical bills? My baby’s ultrasound pics?? He replied that I’m not in pregnant wear. WOW I didn’t know I had to look pregnant to be entitled to this seat. He then told me to shut up and sit down. I told him he was crazy and that I’m wasting my time even talking to him. He sticked out his tongue at me and mocked that I’m going through pre natal stress. Furious and Shaking, I screamed at him to F OFF. and he pointed fake guns (his fingers) at my face and walked off. I’m so glad I took his picture right in his face and he gave me the permission to post it. nobody should have to go through what I went through, that’s why I’m sharing this. Fight for your rights people!”