Indranee only gave “vacuous” “nonsensical” and “evasive” excuses on Keppel scandal in Parliament: SDP

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The Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) has accused Senior Minister of State for Finance and Law Indranee Rajah’s response to the Keppel corruption scandal as one that is full of excuses and not reasons, in an official statement on it’s website.

Indranee had assured in Parliament on Monday, 8 Jan, that contrary to perceptions, Keppel did not get off lightly for its offences. She was responding to a question by Workers’ Party parliamentarian Sylvia Lim who had noted that there are perceptions that Keppel is simply being given a “slap on the wrist” especially given how badly the corruption case has tarnished Singapore’s reputation and given the large sums of money involved in the scandal.

Parliament: Indranee Rajah responds to WP's Sylvia Lim on Keppel O&M scandal

VIDEO: Keppel O&M has "not gotten off lightly" following the corruption scandal, says Indranee Rajah, responding to a question from The Workers' Party's Sylvia Lim.

Posted by Channel NewsAsia on Sunday, 7 January 2018

Calling Indranee’s comments a “wash-out”, the SDP asserted that “Apart from issuing motherhood statements such as having “zero tolerance for corruption” and warning firms not to “import” corrupt practices into Singapore, she said precious little on how the Government would deal with the perpetrators of our nation’s biggest corruption scandal.”

Comparing the Keppel scandal to three other recent corruption cases, the opposition party questioned:

“In Keppel’s case, only a “conditional warning” has been given by the CPIB. How is this possible? The uneven treatment by the authorities in this case is beyond shocking.
“Ms Indranee also says that the probe involves cross-border issues and, hence, complicates investigations. This is yet another vacuous excuse.
“Keppel is a government-linked company. They are answerable to shareholders of which Temasek, helmed by PM Lee Hsien Loong’s wife, is the largest. Surely, Keppel can be easily held to account by its largest and institutional shareholder, can’t it?
“Also, the executives are Singaporeans. They can be investigated independent of foreign involvement with those found guilty swiftly brought to justice. The vaunted prowess of the CPIB to ferret out corruption matters must not be left to question.
“If the PAP government can speedily track down and prosecute Internet users who post anonymously, why can’t it resolve the current case with similar efficiency? Failing to do so is but an excuse.
“Another cop-out is Ms Indranee’s answer about former Ambassador to Brazil Choo Chiau Beng. Mr Choo was one of those named in the probe. He stepped down as ambassador in 2016. Ms Indranee said that she did not have information regarding Mr Choo’s stepping down.
“How can the minister not have answers to such a fundamental question? Couldn’t she have turned to Foreign Minister Vivian Balakrishnan for an answer? Why such a nonsensical and evasive response?”

The party ended its statement by expressing concern over the case and by urging the government to provide firm answers on how it will prosecute the matter and by when it will take action:

“The SDP is deeply concerned about the entire matter. A huge criminal scandal has been un-earthered and the PAP seems reluctant to provide clear answers.
“The fact that Keppel is one of the myriad of GLCs belonging to Temasek which is wholly owned by the government and that the CPIB operates within the Prime Minister’s Office, creates a morass of conflicts of interest.
“The arrangement raises questions about the government’s position as an impartial actor to this case as well as future ones. This exacts a heavy price for Singapore’s reputation despite the warm pronouncements and assurances that the authorities mouth.
“The SDP calls on the PAP to stop dithering and giving excuses, and provide firm answers about what it will do with the Keppel scandal, how it will prosecute the matter and by when it will get it done.”

Read the full statement here.


  1. Another exercise to clam down opposing voices and curtail citizens freedom of speech under the guise of censoring fake news. Really with this autocratic undemocratic and corrupted Govt, the citizens who care are truly helpless.

  2. They are really bastards. Can’t imagine what else they’re hiding. The only time when the grave is dug up is when PAP is kicked out. 70% idiots who can’t wake up. Are you blind?

  3. Absolutely hogwash comment from her. There can only be one answer. All of them including past and present leaders connected to this case must be prosecuted. Anything less is injustice and excuses. It will smack of “some people are more ewual than others” remember Animal Farm.?

  4. This lady is very dishonest and yet call her as a senior minister. Paper cannot wrap up paper. No matter what you cannot hide this issue. PAP better comes clean. The whole world is looking at you.

    Heaven is helping the people now.

  5. When did the PAP provide clear answer to anything? I am nearly 70 and I can’t remember, am I Dementia? well, Duke University just declared NO (NOT)!

  6. I can only conclude that the government was aware of the goings-on and are therefore complicit in the whole affair. Otherwise they would have nailed those who have brought Singapore into disrepute! Everything we have been preaching to other countries and people have now come to nought! What a big shame to LKY who had a no-nonsense, take no prisoners attitude where corruption was concerned!

  7. Taking the easy way out. Keppel fined by US. So done already. No need for authorities to look into further actions. Unless of you are opposition party/parties. One sided. Nothing new.

  8. This lady stood in Indian ticket in GRC. Fact is she is not able to utter one sentence in Tamil. Just because she is carrying a Indian name. Another PAP kelong. If identity can kelong expect her to serve well? All rubber stamps picked by their masters. Such serfs have no spine nor represent democratic norms. It’s just a mockery.

  9. Harrow LKY is dead! No point trying to raise the dead hor! More shit to come for sure. Watch PAP self-destruct when the shit hits the roof! Incompetence is hard to hide!

  10. They are treating everybody as fools. And they don’t care a shit what the world think. They still get their million salary very year and they still can enjoy life. They know no body has any authority to do anything to them. They are so arragont that they don’t give a shit if China is unhappy or if US is happy. But, they will fall and fall they will.

  11. Prosecuting, Penalising and Finger Pointing of the common man and Opposition parties here is so easy for our elected rulers of the 70%.
    Ownself do wrong, must protect ownself in any circumstance, is the norm and so habitual these LKYless days.

  12. Just remember that it is you, who allowed this to happened. #whatareyouexpecting #youvotedforthisshit #youduncheebye #youduncomplain #youaskforit #blameyourself #youseelah #youhappynowbitch #gohomeandcry #fiveyearsofgoodies #welcometosingapore

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