Former NSP Secretary General Lim Tean declares PM Lee’s NDR speech as banal


By Phyllis Lee/

Former National Solidarity Party Secretary General Lim Tean took to Facebook to express his distaste over the un-originality of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s National Day Rally speech, yesterday evening.

PM Lee discussed three key issues in his speech, this year – improving pre-school education, battling diabetes and building a Smart Nation.

However, Lim pointed out there were other pressing problems left unaddressed, such as “the increasing unemployment, stagnating wages, astronomical costs of living, inadequate income for our elderly, ultra-low productivity, and dismal innovation and entrepreneurship.”

Claiming that the health education in schools would be more effective than PM Lee’s speech on diabetes, he said: “Honestly, any doctor can advise his client on this matter.”

While he stated that the segment on pre-school education shows zero originality, he also proclaimed that section on establishing a Smart Nation only demonstrates how the government has been lacking in innovation so far.

He ended his post with a bold remark:

“Imagine the American President giving a speech like what was delivered tonight. I think Americans will think that their President has absolutely no agenda to improve their lives. Dismal!”

Below is Lim’s full post on Facebook:

***Singapore PM delivers Banal Speech for National Day Rally***
by Tean Lim
I never thought I would see the day when the Prime Minister of Singapore would give as banal a speech as he gave tonight.
Our country has so many problems ranging from increasing unemployment, stagnating wages, astronomical costs of living, inadequate income for our elderly, ultra-Low productivity and dismal innovation and entrepreneurship.
The PM chose not to address any of these pressing issues and instead chose to assume the mantle of Chief Doctor of the Nation and spoke about diabetes. Honestly , any doctor can advise his client on this matter. National Health education in schools would be more effective too rather than a speech by the Head of Government.
Even the section on pre-school shows no originality. It is modelled after what Barack Obama tried to achieve in his second term of Office.
And as for the Smart Nation, all Lee Hsien Loong’s speech demonstrated was how behind the curve the PAP Government has been in terms of innovation. It shows how despite the fact that Singapore is a supposed First World Nation , we are far behind many other nations in use of technology.
But we should not be surprised. PAP ministers have spent the last 30 years coming with various stratagems of cementing their hold on power instead of coming out with innovative ideas to move our Nation forward. They are still trying to persuade Singaporeans why it is necessary to have one-party rule and why only 30% of students should go on to University education.
Don’t be fooled by the spin my fellow Singaporeans. Behind the PM’s words lie a party that is totally bereft of ideas of how to move to the next stage of our development both in terms of national as well as personal development.
Our National Day Rally is akin to the State of the Union address by the President of the United States . Imagine the American President giving a speech like what was delivered tonight . I think Americans will think that their President has absolutely no agenda to improve their lives. Dismal!


  1. The Prime Minister knows that the future for our children were bleak….how they are to afford housing at the price of one billion(the day when they had grown up )

  2. The current American president would have fathered 5 babies, pissed off 3 liberal groups, promoted neo-Nazism in America and started a war with North Korea by the time LHL started talking about the serious issue of diabetes in the next President of Singapore!!

  3. LHL has no ideas towards high cost of living and how to help companies survive. He and his team lives in a dream world. Why waste time listening to his speech. Rather watch Nat Geo or discovery channel.

    • Remember, he was the one who created these problems. If he have the solutions, there wouldn’t be as bad a problem as we have today. This island has got no hope under the current G!

  4. Not a bit inspirational. National Day speech must unite and inspire the nation..
    Not talking about pre school and diabetes with brown rice and soft drinks. It shows we are digressing…

    • Please let him off lah .He just got out from his love nest. What do you expect him to know of what is going on in sg. He only eat , sleep , fuck and collect his pay.The great thing he does is lunched with members of his BIG FAMILY.

  5. Is the NDR a state of the union type of address? i don’t think it should be at all. Infact new policies and initiatives should be presented in parliament as part of the president’s speech.

  6. Yes..the most pathetic speech ever in the history of Singapore. Clearly the Lee regime is bankrupt of ideas as to how to move the country and more importantly its people forward! Guess we will be hearing for the rest of the year from sycophants, and the shitty times about how to combat diabetes etc etc while ignoring the many pressing social issues facing this country. As for the ambitious pre-school program … more robotic economic digits to slave like mindless sheeps from cradle to casket to satisfy the governments unquenchable thirst for structural monuments to showcase to the world. As for a smart nation.. all the technology makes not a smart nation

    • Tech use alone (idiots) does not make a smart nation. It is One united, inspired, motivated, innovative with patents n morally upright without resorting to stealing other ppl lunches. We r far off.

  7. Well spoken n articulated. None of the pressing issues confronting the country n highlighted by you were touched upon . Instead , he spewed rubbish n irrelevant topics. He is in his dotage, about time to make an unceremonious exit. !

  8. only a matter of time before a sugar tax, all these are pre-hype for the “justifiable” sugar hike, maybe 30% levy to raise awareness, just like water hike

  9. dishonorable son’s time has expired.. time to go go! don’t waste our time here..with such a liability.. a waste of tax payers money as him and his cronies to worsen our lives.

  10. I think it’s not fair to belittle and stereotype LHL speech. What I hear is a practical and honest view that all citizens can and should embrace. Such contents being mentioned in a rally of significance does shows his grave concern. LHL may not be a doctor but what he says holds more weight.

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