Father allegedly kills intellectually disabled daughter and jumps off building in shocking murder-suicide


A 70-year-old man, Mr Tang Soh Ha, and his 27-year-old daughter, Ms Tang Hui Yee, were found dead at Block 560 Pasir Ris Street 51 on Sunday afternoon, 20 August 2017.

Mr Tang was found at the ground floor of the block – he is believed to have jumped from the 8th level of the block. His daughter was found dead in a pool of her own blood with multiple stab wounds on her body, at their home on the block’s second level which Mr Tang also shared with Tang Hui Yee, his wife, elder daughter, son in law, younger son and two grandchildren.

The other members of the family were not home during the time of the incident. Neighbours reportedly heard Mrs Tang wailing when she returned home to the horrific tragedy, after grocery shopping.

Speculation has arisen that Mr Tang killed his daughter, fearing for her uncertain future, before taking his own life. Described as a “doting” father and a patient, loving man by neighbours, Mr Tang was the main caregiver for his daughter who was a client of the Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (Minds).

51-year-old housewife, Mdm Faridah – a neighbour of the Tangs – told reporters: “Their relationship was very good. I’ve never seen a father who is so doting towards his daughter.”

Faridah described that Ms Tang was independent and friendly, she added, but “wherever she went, her father would accompany her.”

Faridah, who has lived in the same block as the Tangs for four years, said her sister, who has lived in the same street for about 17 years, has seen the father take the daughter out for walks since she was a little girl: “My sister told me that when Ms Tang was young, the two of them always went to the park together,” she said.

She added: “He was very courteous… He never showed any signs of stress, and would often be smiling.” She said he had told her that he worked part-time, and she saw him around during the day.


Police investigations are ongoing.


  1. There was another previous case where a young mum killed her son & committed suicide, due to fear of NOT able to find job….. meanwhile Ministers r collecting toothpicks fr Din Tai Fung & using Parliament time to talk abt pte fanily affairs.

  2. Grassroots work not for us. They work to get BBMs on National Day. If they really work, they would have spotted this case before it ended in tragedy. Two weeks or so ago, there was another case exposed not by the constituency grassroots but by social activist. This case involved a family of 8 living in rental flat inarine Crescent. The flat power supply has been cut and water supply curtailed for bill arrears. They were also behind in rentals. But what was unbelievable was that their children walk for an hour to school daily, rain or shine as they could not afford bus fares. When this was highlighted by the social activist, good Samaritans send groceries and other items to them. But howcome the constituency estwhile very active grassroots din know about their plight. Think it is a misnomer to say we are a caring society.

    • If you think he committed suicide due to not having a regular income is a mystery. There are other factors that gives rise to a persons condition and well being. The country they choose equally plays a part and its perimeter of people they come into contact. Empathy is a medicine to some.

    • Surely we have free Day Centres food and transport for
      Very young children,
      Mentally and physically challenged
      Sick people and
      Retired persons ?
      So their families can work to support themselves and their relatives.
      These adults have extra burdens to carry and need the extra help.

  3. Our society is so fucked up! These 2 examples of no help rendered to the most in need is very telling of wat our society is about. All capitalist n materialistic but severely lacking in social care n compassion!

    • I agree, we are losing our humanity to brands and bright life.
      It is time to change direction everyone, we should all be involved in one type of voluntary work.
      Give our burdened neighbours a hand with taking their relatives out for a walk to the park or donate from your salary to neighbourhood organisations who look after them from 7-7 (6 days a week) or something, those concerned should start some discussion instead of simply cursing and swearing, this is not who we are, we are caring loving people.

    • There is a real concern among parents of special needs children about who will care for them once they are no longer around. Moving towards a smart nation great

    • We the people must do our bit, We are the lucky ones, God did not spread sickness, He confined it to some only, we the healthy ones must take responsibility for the sick people, how is the big question we have to explore. They are our brothers and sisters too.

  4. In a society where teh social net is non-existant or constantly eroded, where society does not care for the sick, elderly nor the disabled, this is the result…. perhaps these are the answers the paper generals were looking for ?

  5. Very sad to hear such things happening. Rich government with poor heart. Lot of people are facing such stressful situations. You go n ask for help this govt will grill you like you are out to cheat. Their means test is quite humiliating. They want the dead man’s kidney but not ready help while alive. So what our dollar is strong. Zero compassion.

  6. Almost everyone is too afraid of living in sinkingpor nowadays. What with the ultra high cost of living, gv just looking after themselves and fts rather than it’s own citizens. What a really fark up dot it has become.

  7. This is tragic..
    It’s sad to hear this..
    He loved her so much and can’t bear to leave her alone in an unscrupulous society driven by success, money and power powered by a gestapo style governance that they forget about compassion and kindness..
    Rest In Peace brother and sister..

  8. Bringing up an abnormal child is indeed a challenging task. In the West, pregnant woman choose to screen their foetus when they are 2 or 3 months pregnant to detect if they are carrying a normal child or an abnormal one so they can make a decision to carry/terminate the pregnancy. I suppose such facilities are available in Singapore too. Hopefully the government should take steps to ensure that each pregnancy is screened to ensure the birth of normal children. Perhaps the government could subsidize screening.

  9. This is the Good work of G by give more FT in Singaporeans to help us to get job causes stress of Singaporeans with low salary high living cost … end of life is the best way for Singaporeans, not many options for Singaporeans

  10. Please don’t judge. He loved his daughter and only he knows why he did what he did. Singapore is very unsympathetic to the poor, aged and special needs.

  11. Our government would rather give scholarships to foreigners in the name of “economic development” than help our own needy citizens. Fucked up! Wake up Singapore!

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