Asia Dr Chee calls out event held at Bukit Batok on 7th march

Dr Chee calls out event held at Bukit Batok on 7th march

The Singapore Democratic Party chief said that Bukit Batok MP Murali Pillai would have a lot to answer for should a Covid-19 outbreak occur post event




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Dr Chee Soon Juan posted on Facebook on Sunday (15 Mar) about an Active Ageing Commitee’s eight anniversary event that was held at Bukit Batok on Saturday (7 Mar). In the post, he questioned why MP for Bukit Batok Mr Murali Pillai allowed the event to go ahead and allow a hall of elderly to gather at a time when the Covid-19 spread is at a critical stage.

He pointed out that in the pictures below, the people were seated or standing close together. Therefore not practicing the recommended social distancing.

Dr Chee also stated that Mr Murali had learnt nothing from the Jurong Safra dinner function that has caused a surge of infections. It is currently at 47 cases.

After MOH had said that the organisers of the Jurong Safra function had been socially irresponsible, Dr Chee asked the question “was Mr Murali being socially responsible here?”. He also said that as a MP and leader of the people, he should have thought about the people first and advise the organisers to cancel the event.

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Dr Chee also said that Mr Murali would have a lot of explaining to do if an outbreak were to occur due to this gathering.


Photo: Facebook screengrab

Photo: Facebook screengrab

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