Did Singapore Ambassador to US only tell half the story in his official reply to New York Times?


It was reported in Straits Times on 11 July that the Singapore Ambassador to US had find fault with an article published by New York Times (NYT), “Family dispute over house of Singapore’s founder erupts as national crisis“.

In his reply to NYT, the Singapore Ambassador noted that “no Member of Parliament made any allegations of impropriety or wrongdoing against the prime minister during the debate”.

“Nor has anyone else produced specific evidence to back the siblings’ vague allegations,” he added. “There is no national crisis in Singapore.”

So, in his reply, our good Ambassador gave the readers of NYT an impression that all MPs in Parliament were supportive of PM Lee over the Oxley House episode.

Leader of opposition not convinced

However, the Ambassador did not tell the whole story of what had happened in Parliament during the debate on 4 July. He neglected to tell New York Times that the leader of opposition, Low Thia Khiang, had informed Parliament that he would not be convinced until the entire allegations are given a conclusive airing.

“Madam Speaker, the Workers’ Party has not gone through the due process to decide whether or not, to conclude whether the allegations made by the Lee siblings (against PM) are baseless,” Low said.

“For me personally, I will not be convinced until the entire allegations are given a conclusive airing. We should know what else do they (the siblings) have.”

“This episode, there are no investigations done, it’s ownself defend ownself in parliament with the PAP MPs,” he further added. “I mean I wonder how you would want to convince me and my party and Singaporeans that it is conclusive, and it is something that we can all be convinced entirely.”

Low also raised the question why PM Lee didn’t sue his siblings over the accusations leveled by them against the PM.

“I hope he would clarify the doubts I have this question, this nagging question that why he didn’t sue (his siblings),” Low said. “First, does he not agree that his family is not any ordinary Singapore family. And the person at the centre of the issue is the Prime Minister of Singapore, not any other person.”
All these were conveniently sidestepped by our good Ambassador in his reply to NYT.



  1. NYT just proved how ignorant and stupid this ambassador is to come with such statements on the the said situation… doesn’t the ambassador realise that the debate was well recorded and was all over the internet..?

  2. What can the running dogs do but to tell only half the story to the advantage of his Boss, otherwise he will not be a easy millionaire Dog ! The princely pm dare not suit his siblings for defamation in his High Court ?!? So their allegations r all hard truths !!

  3. Low Thia Khiang should be happy that he has a PM that dare to discuss everything including familty matters in Parliament. Does he realised that in Malaysia, oppositions are Demanding their PM to tell them the Truth about 1mdb and whether PM’s wiife did received USD 27 millions of Jewelry paid out from 1mdb fund. A chinese saying: 身在福中不知福 . Low Thia Khiang and his blind followers stop egging family siblings to sue each other whatever they may said. We all know when family members quarrel, all unkind words are uttered out to hurt each other and in this instant also hurt fellow Singaporeans!

  4. The job of ambassadors are to protect our national interests including the job of our local tourist guide!
    We may hate some of our ruling governor unfair policies like “President Elections ” and the never married singles not allowed to buy HDB new 3 room flat (2 bedrooms only with hall as a room) , especially not allowing those with medical issues to downgrade to get cash for retirement and medical needs!!!
    The Lee family saga is opened on facebook for Singaporeans only because our state media will censor news that will affect their political standing!
    Foreign journalists should not interfere with our internal affairs especially our recent interesting drama that was on facebook continuously for two weeks!
    Every country has their own drama, especially Taiwan has long winded political drama that we love to watch but strictly reserved for comments!
    Though I hated some very unfair houserules of Singapore but I will never like any foreign journalists to make Singapore fall into national crisis, hope that Ling and Yang will reject any interviews from foreign journalists
    Love begins at home and Singapore is our big home regardless of race, language or religions and we are called by God to be born in Singapore and certainly proud of our own small island

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