Counting of president legal or policy issue?



Dr Tan Cheng Bock posted on Facebook yesterday and queried Minister Shanmugam on the contradictions in his arguments about the counting of the number of terms lapsed since the first president.

It is common knowledge that President Ong Teng Cheong was the first elected president of Singapore. However, the parliament has decided that it will count the first president from President Wee Kim Wee’s term. Dr Tan had argued in court that it was unconstitutional for the Government to start its count of the five terms to trigger a reserved election from the term of President Wee Kim Wee, as he was not elected by the people.

Workers’ Party’s Mr Sylvia Lim posed the question of whether it was a legal or policy issue in parliament and alleged  that the PM led the parliament to believe that it was a legal issue. In response, the Law Minister K. Shanmugam said that it was a policy decision to count from the time of President Wee.

The apex court of Singapore, which had five judges hear this appeal, upheld an earlier judgment on July 7 that Parliament has the right to count from the term of former President Wee Kim Wee, for the purpose of reserving the upcoming presidential election for candidates from the Malay community.

WP and Dr Tan leave no stone unturned.


  1. This is one issue not only from WP Its representing the people of Singapore. This is a necessary voice of the people.It shows we are no pushover if there is a real issue that affect our nation and the people’s perception of the government policy. We are talking about head of state of a nation. Thumb up for WP for taking up real issue

  2. Why harping on all these ! Does it going to change our lives ?

    Look into corruption that may interest us or bring up alternative solutions to unavoidable policy trade off that may help us improve in our lives..

    • PK Ang- Yes it will! If you do not question those bastard elitists, how are you going to know whether corruption exist, bad policy being make ???
      It affect everyone life !!
      You are the kind that the establishment love to have…….

    • Yong Ang
      You mean AHTC ?
      The case is not closed yet..
      Or the G ? They’re in absolute power since 1959 ! Corrupted MPs n Minister (4) were charged in court n in jail ( not bad for 50+ years) took his own life, what better situation you expect ?

    • PK Ang Are u one of the elites who have their own transport such that the MRT transport has no effect on u? That is why the Govt/elites don’t understand the common issues face by peasants.

    • Ng Dingyao
      Uncle here is 77 years, holding a pioneer card that enjoy the cheapest rate, travelling more than any workers, I have been enjoying our MRT for years..

      Hey, you from JB, what are you doing here ?
      Working to earn S$ ?
      or enjoy your PR benefits?

      State your position?
      Who are you ?

    • Guess it’s a new post -LKY era. New era always come with changes expected- Not sure for the better or for the worst.
      U ate more salt than rice than us, can you share ur view?

    • Yong Ang
      MR. LKY n team fought for our lives, his era of uncertainty..
      Our National Per capita of $7,000+ in 1988 was among the highest in Asia..corruption was well under control, the handover to the Second Generations under PM. GCT n team has shown further achievements without malpractices..

      Our current Leadership n team have achieved greater success of all time, with clean system. We come the TOP 5 richest Countries with a per capita of above $55,000 +, well respect in the world, being invited to the G 20 is a clear indication,,

      I don’t see a alternative team that can take their place in at least the next 20 years..

      What is your view, Yong Ang ?

    • PK Ang doesn’t matter where I am from. During your time, Malaysia and Singapore is the same country.

      What matters most is the life of my children 20 years down the road.

    • Ng Dingyao
      Good, for our younger generation..
      Where is the Second team ?
      Name me the TOP 10 Leaders of yours..
      Who to be PM, Fin.M, Def. M.

      I bet you can’t name one with good Pre Q !

    • The fruit of success is not being enjoyed by all. The alternate party has not grown strong enough yet. Politics is dirty, is the nature of the game.
      I do disagree on the clean system aspect.

    • Yong Ang
      Good luck then ! Win us (69.9%) over with constructive alternatives, without us, the opposition parties will remain in the valley…

    • Yong Ang
      Success not enjoy by all, nothing is equal, never will be equal !

      Have you done enough for yourself n family, others (69.9%) do, have more than their basic need to be happy to keep voting for the ruling party.

    • PK Ang It is not abt whether are they enough top 10 leaders. It is abt sending enough opposition members such that govt cannot anyhow change the constitution as & when it fits their agenda.

      Correct me if I am wrong. The Pioneer generation was a policy that was started when opposition members start to win seats in 2011. Then the Govt realise that they need to start taking care of the citizens. Before that, everyone has to pay for the mArket rate. You enjoy the subsidies because of this reason.

    • Sending enough opposition members into Parliament, so we have 5 elected MPs (WP) do you hear they forward any alternative solutions to unavoidable policy trade off or table alternative policy to improve people’s lives..NO NO NO

      Look at AHTC.!
      Did MR. Chaim CT n MR. LTK had such problems for decades in Potong Pasir n Hougang ?

      People are saying PAP bullying WP.

      Did PAP audit their accounts? Did PAP melt out punishment?
      They follow the rules of law ! They ask legitimate questions!

  3. Can you people stop debating bout this issues. There will be no end debating with this scumbag. MRT is the worse issues now and get them to task.Whoever going to be our next leader wont be able to solve this issue. Need to get all this arsehole out of parliament. Our interest were not taken care

  4. Simple calculation set by the ruling ” HEAD I WIN, TAIL YOU LOSE”… Life still moves on as we embark into new unchallenged ruling team. It’s a wake up call for us. Again, ” Dump politician is not a problems , the issue is dump people keep voting them”

  5. Sylvia Lim looks like the discipline mastress who stares right into your soul and says “don’t try to trick me with your nonsense”. Every guilty student keeps quiet with their heads down.

  6. LHL changed the rules in the middle of the game just to make sure his side won. This is something typical of what a wimpy son of a rich man would do if he felt he could not win by fair means.

  7. Probably we can only wait till the whole world comes together and put a stop to this manic govt of whiteys. Otherwise, to depend on our own to fight them is really difficult as all hands are tied by their own rules and lawless law.

  8. LHL is quite useless. He can’t answer Sylvia Lim or do not want to answer afraid of making mistakes. Make use his Minister to cover his backside. Only accusation from his siblings LHL has no choice to clarify himself cos it was familee private matters.

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