Chan Chun Sing calls Halimah ‘President’ – netizens wonder if it’s a freudian slip


The Straits Times earlier today tweeted that Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office, Mr Chan Chun Sing, “accidentally addresses(ed) Halimah Yacob as “Madam President” instead of “Madam Speaker”, to laughter from the House– twice.” Twitter users who responded to the tweet asked if it was a freudian slip.

Mr Chan made the comment at a debate of the debate of the Presidential Election (amendment) Bill. The Bill which was passed in Parliament today was opposed by all opposition Members of Parliament. Nominated Member of Parliament, Kok Heng Luen, also voted against the Bill.

The Bill was nevertheless passed without much hassle due to the overwhelming majority the People’s Action Party (PAP) has in parliament – but not without a spirited fight from opposition.

The amended bill reserves the next PE (to be called in September 2017) to be reserved for a minority Malay candidate. The amendments passed in parliament today also limited the presidential candidates campaigning activities.