Cabbie strands taxi on Yishun temple steps after mistaking staircase for exit


A taxi driver stranded a Comfort DelGro taxi precariously parked on the steps of a Yishun temple, after he mistook the staircase for an exit, yesterday (15 March).

Videos and photos of the misadventure have been circulating online and netizens have reported that the place of worship appears to be the temple at Yishun Industrial Street 1. Footage shows that the bonnet of the vehicle has been damaged due to the accident:

Yishun Industrial st 1Video Credit:Alexis Lee

Posted by Singapore roads accident.com新加坡公路意外网页 on Thursday, 15 March 2018

Comfort DelGro told reporters that the taxi driver had mistakenly mounted the steps after dropping off a passenger. The company’s corporate communications officer, Tammy Tan, added that no injuries were reported.

Tan asserted that the group’s priority is assisting the taxi driver: “Our priority is the welfare of our cabby and we will assist him the best we can. We have also activated our loss adjustors to look into the matter immediately with regard to the property of the temple.”