10 ITE students arrested for rioting outside Simei campus


The Singapore Police Force revealed in a press statement today that ten teenagers have been arrested for allegedly rioting outside the Simei campus of the Institute of Technical Education.

The teenagers are all male and are all ITE students, between the ages of 16 and 18.

The SPF revealed that officers received a report last Thursday around 12.30pm about a group of people fighting outside the ITE Simei campus, along 10 Simei Avenue.

A video showing a large group of students kicking and punching each other began circulating online thereafter. Several students in uniform can be seen brawling with one another in the video and even appear to involve an ofo bike in the fight while a larger group watched close by.

Officers arrested the teenagers last Friday. Investigations are ongoing.

The teenagers could face a maximum seven-year jail term and caning, if they are convicted for rioting.

ITE East fight (Crowzero style)

ITE east students fight outside school. Some say they fight coz someone pauto teacher he never do homework. Even OFO bike involved siol..

Posted by Rilek1Corner on Thursday, 25 January 2018


  1. This type of people should just lock them all in confinement and let them stave to death. I mean after they come put of jail they are just going to join back their gang contribute to our crime rate

  2. They are still young and immature. Don’t charge them. Future will be ruin. Instead put all 10 of them inside MMA ring and let them fightlah. Maybe can find new talents.

  3. These school kids were just hot headed and had a brawl.

    Cut them some slack.

    Rather than charge them with rioting, they will learn better to mellow their temper with some counselling and community service instead.

  4. But this was exactly wat they asked for wat…. they wanna show they tough, they wanna show they go prison to gain ‘respect’…. y? Now all like pussy? Alternatively, force them to sign on in the army or mma!

  5. Jail is not the right punishment as they are current students. Cut them some slack but with serious conditions to follow. Also some community works may take thier minds away from their foolish mistakes. Yes some could already be gang members..etc..etc. Hence the last chance counselling and guidance..

  6. I’m sure some are ss members, and some are wannabes trying to proof they’re worthy (garang) to be accepted.
    Looks like rival groups in the vid fight.
    This is definitely rioting! Not one-to-one. Premeditated.
    They deserve time in jail or RTC.
    And proof to their parents and society they can change when released.
    If they walk away with a warning or counselling, etc, they’ll sure to do it again.

  7. Discipline starts from home, no matter how busy you are as a parents, you need to give attention to your child, I m sure they want your companion ship during their formative years.

  8. Singapore Police Force should TEACH Institute of Technical Education, Singapore students on how to Learn Self Defense like Combat Sports and MMA instead also should engage them in the future rioting

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