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The recent rise of ultra liberal ideologies, that are being pushed by woke White people, have been making most White Americans feel uncomfortable with themselves. However, one should never be ashamed of the race they were born as. The past is complicated and unfortunate, but we can build a better and more united future together. 

Unfortunately, the phrase “it’s okay to be White” is seen as an ultra right wing agenda that is borderline White supremacy. In reality, it literally means that it’s okay to be born in the body you are born in. Furthermore, there is currently a lack of research for this, most research done today is made to suit the current liberal agendas. 

According to organisations like the ADL, they claim that this rhetoric is a problematic one. They claim that the origins of this idea is from a group of 4chan users as a trolling campaign. However, just like how our society is in 2023, everything has taken a strong turn from the current narrative. 

The entire point is that X users are saying that even White people should feel proud of who they are. This is how we truly have an equal society. Demonising an entire racial group of people will not help us progress anywhere. 

 X users: it’s okay to be White 

Conservative X page, iamyesyouareno posted a video done by Jubilee, which is known to dissect controversial topics regarding to White people being able to be proud of themselves or not. Furthermore, users are criticising some of the participants on the show as they appear to dislike their own race very much. 

Following that, some users state that individuals should not be proud of the race they’re born with, but rather proud of their achievements. However, other X users vehemently disagree with this standpoint stating that this talk is only directed to White people only. If someone were to say the same thing to a person of colour, they would be bashed on social media. 

In addition to this, conservatives are stating that most White people are conditioned to dislike themselves. Today’s society is encouraging most people to be proud of who they are, which is a positive attribute. However, these positive attributes should be spread among everyone regardless of the colour of their skin.

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