Harley Pasternak, Kanye West’s former trainer, reportedly called security on the rapper after an uncomfortable encounter at a Dubai hotel. Contrary to reports of West feeling stalked, insiders claim it was Pasternak who felt threatened.

According to a source familiar with the situation, both were at Atlantis The Royal Dubai resort when they crossed paths. Pasternak was apparently making a dinner reservation at the concierge desk when West’s security approached him for identification.

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Pasternak felt uneasy

West approached and tried to hug the trainer, who declined and told West to step away. Feeling uneasy, Pasternak alerted hotel staff, prompting discussions about calling security. When Pasternak warned West to leave or face escalation, West began taking photos and videos, then left upon hearing Pasternak requesting security in French.

Afterward, the shaken trainer expressed discomfort to hotel staff, stating he wanted no involvement with Kanye. Attempts to reach both parties for comment have not yielded immediate responses.

Stalked or not?

The two have a troubled history dating back to 2016 when Pasternak called emergency services during a workout due to West’s erratic behavior, leading to West’s hospitalization. In 2022, alleged texts from Pasternak threatening to institutionalize West were leaked by the rapper, referencing West’s antisemitic remarks.

While West’s team conveyed discomfort with Pasternak’s presence, West is reportedly in Dubai for Thanksgiving with his children. Another perspective suggests West found Pasternak’s presence suspicious due to past threats. Was Kanye being stalked?

However, sources claim Pasternak’s presence in Dubai is business-related, given his ownership of multiple gyms in the Middle East, including in Dubai.

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