Ivanka Trump is making the news not just for her appearance in court to testify in her father, Donald Trump’s fraud trial but also for how she looks in courtroom sketches.

She appeared at the Manhattan Supreme Court on November 8 and has been trending on social media not for what she said on court but how she appears in sketches made of her during her testimony.

Courtroom artist Jane Rosenberg seems to have drawn very unflattering pictures of the 42 year old mother of three. Incidentally Rosenberg’s sketch of Donald Trump went viral recently and also appeared on the cover of The New Yorker magazine.

She appeared thinner than ever in the drawing and was wearing a blue blazer with a white top, her long blonde hair looking slightly wavy and framing her face. Twitter or rather X said that her sketches looked nothing like her and were in fact really unflattering.

One individual even said that looking at the sketches it appears that Rosenberg may even have a grudge against Ivanka seeing as she has drawn her so unflatteringly.

Other people commented that perhaps Rosenberg was jealous of Ivanka and that’s why she drew her so badly. Still more comments simply came to the conclusion that Rosenberg was perhaps an artist with no talent.

“Courtroom sketch artist hates Ivanka Trump,” said one X user.

“What did Ivanka Trump do to that court sketch artist cause this feels like a grudge,” said another.

“This sketch artist should be charged with a crime!”, reads another comment.

Another person commented that her picture gave out “alien vibes”. “I’m seeing a giraffe in makeup,” said someone else.

“I can’t stand her, but it mean, it is a REALLY bad drawing,” reads one.

“This sketch artist is bad. I’m no fan of the Trumps, but this artist isn’t very talented,” said another.

The comments went on and on with some saying that it was simply vicious to another saying it was the “stuff nightmares are made of”.

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