Lifestyle The Beer Drinking Pig Meets his Demise

The Beer Drinking Pig Meets his Demise




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Feral hogs cause a variety of nuisance problems all over the world and this problem is also true in Australia. However, a recent story about a wild pig has caught the bemused attention of individuals all over the world.

Last month, a wild pig known as Swino gained social media fame after he went on what could be described as a drunken rampage. After stealing and drinking 18 beers from campers, the pig went on to fight a cow and then he celebrated his drunken antics by taking a swim in a nearby river.

The story came to the attention of the media when campers reported waking up to find the pig raiding their beer supply. Later that evening, another group of campers saw him running from an angry cow, where he then escaped to take a swim in the river.

After his evening of drinking and trouble making, the pig had gone missing from the scene and he was not spotted again until just recently. Unfortunately for Swino and his fans, his reappearance was the discovery of his body.

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A road crew discovered his body a month later on the side of a road approximately a kilometer from the site of his famous night of drinking. He was identified by distinctive markings so this looks to be the end of the world’s favorite partying pig.

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