As President Donald Trump turns to the courts to try to retain his grip on the White House, these are some of the members of the team leading his legal challenges to Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s election victory:

– Donald Trump Jr and Eric Trump –
The president’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr, 42, and his younger brother Eric Trump, 36, have mounted a campaign to raise funds for legal efforts contesting the election results in key states won by Biden.

The pair have also been active on social media amplifying unsubstantiated allegations of voter fraud and irregularities.

– Rudy Giuliani –
Giuliani, 76, Trump’s personal lawyer, has been focusing his legal efforts on Pennsylvania, where Biden has a seemingly insurmountable 45,000-vote lead over Trump with 98 percent of the votes reported.

Giuliani, the mayor of New York during 9/11, was heavily involved in Trump’s attempt to dig up political dirt on Biden from Ukraine ahead of the election, a move which led to the president’s impeachment by the Democratic-led House of Representatives.

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– Kayleigh McEnany –
McEnany, 32, a Harvard-educated lawyer and former spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee, is the White House Press Secretary.

McEnany headlined a press conference on Monday during she and Republican Party officials outlined their plans to look into voting in several states where Biden was victorious.

– Ronna McDaniel -McDaniel, 47, is the chair of the Republican National Committee, a post she has held since 2017 after previously heading the Republican Party in her home state of Michigan.

McDaniel is a niece of 2012 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who is currently a US Senator from Utah.

– David Bossie –
Bossie, 55, was expected to head the team waging Trump’s post-election legal fight but his status is in doubt after he tested positive for Covid-19.

Bossie, president of the conservative non-profit advocacy group Citizens United, served as a deputy campaign manager for Trump’s 2016 White House run.

– Pam Bondi and Corey Lewandowski –
Bondi, 54, a former attorney general of Florida, was a member of Trump’s legal team during his Senate impeachment trial.

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Lewandowski, 47, was campaign manager for Trump’s White House run until he was replaced in June 2016.

Bondi and Lewandowski held a joint press conference in Philadelphia last week during which they announced plans to file legal complaints over vote-counting in Pennsylvania.

– Matt Schlapp and Richard Grenell –
Schlapp, 52, the chairman of the American Conservative Union, is married to Mercedes Schlapp, Trump’s Director of Strategic Communications.

Schlapp is heading legal efforts to contest the results of the election in Nevada, where Biden leads by 36,186 votes, or 2.7 percent, with 97 percent of the estimated votes counted.

Richard Grenell, 54, a former US ambassador to Germany who briefly served as the acting Director of National Intelligence, has also been active in Trump team activities in Nevada.


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