SINGAPORE: People show patriotism in different ways, but one little boy, not to mention his parents, appeared to want to celebrate National Day in a little bit of an extra way this year with a very unique haircut.

A video on the Singapore Incidents Instagram and TikTok accounts on August 9, Wednesday, showed the child walking on a covered walkway in a blue shirt and khaki shorts, with a blue and yellow knapsack on his back.


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What was truly unusual about the boy is that whoever gave him the haircut shaved his head in such a way that “I SG 58” could be read. The rest of his hair is very short and covers the top of his head.

The boy turns, smiles sweetly, and waves to the camera before the video ends.

The caption reads, “Happy Birthday Singapore!!!”

One commenter called the little boy a “mini Zangief” after the iconic Russian character in Capcom‘s Street Fighter series, who has the same kind of haircut. (Except for the I heart SG 58 part, of course.)

However, the commenter and others expressed concern about whether the little boy’s school would allow this type of haircut.

“School approve such hairstyle?! WOW! MOE standard changed,” another commenter asked.

“Proud to be resident,” one observed.

An Instagram user wrote, “LOYAL TO THE COUNTRY. SG UNITED

Another called it, “So cool! 💝

And when other commenters were less than kind, a netizen defended the boy and his parents.


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