SINGAPORE: “Should I file a lawsuit with a lawyer?” This is what a tourist asked on social media when she got charged $100 more while purchasing an iphone in Singapore.

u/Sophie_Hilde shared her unfortunate experience at the Apple store in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. She said in her post, “I bought an iPhone 15 with my passport. I also received an invoice for tax refund. However, the employees there made this sale so quickly that they wrote my passport number incorrectly on the invoice. That’s why they didn’t refund my tax at the airport.”

The tax refund officer at the airport suggested contacting the Apple store or visiting another Apple store four miles away. However, with only an hour left until her flight and the store closed, Sophie found herself in a tight spot.

Describing her interaction with the Apple employee, she mentioned questioning their hurried behavior, to which she received a dismissive response, “If you want to be slow, go upstairs and take photos or something.”

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She also warned in her post: “Pay attention to the actions of the employees at the apple store in marina bay sands. Please check all information by yourself. The numbers they use are very close to each other. Like writing the number 0 instead of the letter u.”

She added, “This loss is due to a mistake made by the Apple employee at Marina Bay Sands. Will Apple in Singapore compensate for this loss or should I file a lawsuit with a lawyer?”

Singaporeans online chimed in with their opinions and advice.

u/Dumas1108 suggested reaching out to Apple’s Customer Service Department via email and said, “hopefully, out of goodwill, they will credit the $100 to your future spending in an Apple store in your country.”

Many dismissed the idea of a lawsuit over $100, noting the potential time and effort involved.

u/Ashkev1983 pointed out that Sophie should have checked the details before leaving, placing some responsibility on her for the oversight.

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u/WhiteJadedButterfly advised against being rude to service staff and encouraged reporting the issue to Apple instead.

u/happybee8899 recommended filing a complaint through Apple’s official channels, saying “with screenshot and all. Ask for $100 credit. Not sure it will work but worth a try. For lawyering up about $100, ha ha.”

u/Adventurous_sushii urged Sophie to try resolving the issue with Apple before considering legal action, emphasising that the amount in question was relatively small. “I’m sensing your purpose to sue is to gain a lot more from the loss you made for something that did not cause you any bodily harm or serious mental distress,” she added.

Issues like this can be frustrating at times however, one thing’s for sure – reaching out and getting Apple support is the first step.


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