Lynn Lee an independent filmmaker has said in her Facebook that a producer of Reuters had contacted her to ask if he can use her pictures of the Wukan protest “for free, all over the world, forever.” “In exchange, they’ii credit us. FOR OUR OWN WORK. How nice,” she said in her Facebook.

Ms Lee is an award-winning filmmaker. The documentaries she made with her associate James Leong, “Wukan: Flame of Democracy”, “Nowhere to go’, and “Homeless FC” were all much acclaimed.
She is now in the thick of action in Wukan, China, filming the fresh anti-corruption protest in that place.

Chinese police have locked down the village in southern China to ward off fresh anti-corruption protests which was sparked by allegations of illegal land grabs.
The village is making headlines again almost five years after a similar uprising there made international news. The grass-roots defiance against the ruling Communist Party is unheard of in much of China.
Associated Press said:
“A resident from Wukan village in Guangdong province said that police swept in late Friday night to surround sensitive government buildings and take away the village’s democratically elected leader, Lin Zuluan, who had planned protests Saturday against illegal land grabs.
Local police announced on social media early Saturday that Lin had been detained on bribery charges and urged villagers to maintain social stability and “not allow a small number of lawbreakers to incite drastic behavior.””

Wukan The Flame Of Democracy (2013) by trailermotion