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This is becoming tiring: Yet another PAP politician mouthing the line that the government can only move as far as society is prepared to move.
The surprising thing is that the latest pronouncement comes from Speaker of Parliament Halimah Yacob, the very affable lady who does not always take the standard government line on issues. For instance, on the hijab issue, she said: “I hope that at some point the government will review its position on hijab for the nurses.”
At a forum yesterday, she spoke up about allowing single mums who are below 35 to buy new HDB flats. Then she spoiled the party by saying: “This is also an issue fraught with difficulties because the Government can only move as far as society is prepared to move on these issues”
The same reason that was given for not moving on Section 377A, which criminalises gay sex, and not wanting to appoint a non-Chinese PM.
How does the government know that society is not in favour? And, more important, has the government always acted knowing that the society is ready?.
It is time to take us the citizens seriously.

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