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Speaking on NBC‘s “Meet the Press,” Haley, boldly asserted that she didn’t need a win in the upcoming South Carolina nominating contest to stay in the race.

Haley predicts that as the campaign for the Republican presidential nomination intensifies, Trump will become even more “unhinged.” Despite coming in third in Iowa and second in New Hampshire, Haley remains determined to gain momentum in South Carolina, where she once served as governor. Although Trump holds a significant lead in polls, Haley believes a win in her home state isn’t essential, emphasizing the importance of demonstrating improvement over her performance in New Hampshire.

South Carolina’s win is not essential

The political landscape has witnessed prominent Republicans rallying behind Trump, the longstanding frontrunner. However, a recent proposal by the Republican National Committee (RNC) to declare Trump the presumptive nominee was withdrawn after the former president opposed the idea. Haley criticized the RNC’s handling of the matter, stating unequivocally that they have not been honest brokers. She argued that in a democracy, the American people deserve a say in selecting their nominee.

Trump and Haley have engaged in a war of words, with the former president attacking her, and the RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel expressing doubt about Haley’s viability in the race.

Last woman standing?

“I’ve never stayed in this race because of court cases,” Haley emphasized, asserting that Trump’s insecurity and the distractions posed by his legal battles are what will ultimately take him away from the campaign trail.

As the sole remaining challenger against Trump, Haley has escalated her attacks in recent weeks, determined to prove that she is a force to be reckoned with in the race for the Republican presidential nomination.

The upcoming South Carolina primary on February 24 promises to be a crucial battleground where Haley aims to demonstrate her strength and build momentum against the formidable Trump.

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