A man uploaded a video on TikTok of an inconsiderate driver of a white minivan, which was parked in the middle of a pedestrian crossing while the rain was heavily pouring.

The car, which had its hazard lights on, was directly under the sheltered area for pedestrians to pass and avoid getting soaked.


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Some people who wanted to cross could be seen coming right up to the car and then hesitating, because passing either in front of or behind the car would mean getting wet.

While a younger woman who did not have an umbrella braved the rain; going around the car, an auntie and an uncle turned back.

“There’s a car parked here illegally, blocking the pedestrians’ way. And it’s raining heavily,” said the TikToker, who goes by @Manos1966 on the platform.

The auntie then begins a conversation with the TikToker in Chinese about the parked car.

Other pedestrians can be seen on the video waiting to cross as well; some of whom do not have any rain gear.

Understandably, they seem to be waiting, as they don’t want to get wet.

“Amazing,” the TikToker says.

After some time, the driver, an older man in a grey shirt, black pants, and rubber shoes, finally arrived to move the car.

He raised his hand to the waiting pedestrians as a way of apology.

But they were having none of it. Instead, he was greeted by irate shouts.

He then quickly drove off.

Immediately, people began to cross again.

The video has been seen over 144,000 times and has since been shared on the popular COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook page, where it’s been widely shared.

Angry netizens commenting on the video called out the driver for being so selfish and inconsiderate, but many said this kind of behaviour is not uncommon.

Some suggested what can be done in situations such as these.


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