SINGAPORE: Marina Bay Sands (MBS) is dealing with a significant data breach that has exposed the personal information of approximately 665,000 of its members. In an email to members this week, the luxury integrated resort said the breach occurred on Oct 19th and 20th when unauthorized access was made to the non-casino rewards program “Sands Rewards Lifestyle.”

The breach is believed to have compromised sensitive member information, including their names, email addresses, mobile phone numbers, country of residence, and membership number and level.

MBS told members that its internal investigation has so far yielded no evidence of data misuse by the unauthorized third parties responsible for the breach.

MBS added that it has taken immediate action in response to the breach and has been collaborating with cybersecurity companies to enhance its system and data security measures to prevent future breaches of this nature. It said the casino’s primary membership rewards program, Sands Rewards, remains unaffected by the breach.

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In light of this incident, MBS has issued an apology to the affected members and has advised all its members to remain vigilant and monitor their accounts for any unusual or suspicious activities. They have also urged members to change their login passwords regularly as an additional precautionary measure.