Madeline Paldo is 100 years old and has worked for over 80 years. She believes work is what has kept her going well into old age. She said she worked from age 18 until she was 99 years old.

Paldo from Chicago worked at her family business producing electric signs, where she did administrative work and interacted with people. “That kept me busy, and I enjoyed working. Retirement, I don’t like too much. I liked being with the public. I liked being with people. And I was the only one in the office that did all of the office work for our business, so it was enjoyable, I liked to go to work,” said Paldo.

According to research by Harvard University, positive relationships often result in a longer life span. Dr Sofiya Milman, who is an associate professor of medicine and genetics and director of human longevity studies at the Institute for Aging Research at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, says that there are biological factors that contribute to longevity.

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“A lot of centenarians talk about the importance of relationships, their families, their communities [and] their friends. In general women’s average lifespan is longer than men’s. And we do think that genetics [also] has a lot to do with [longevity],” she said.

Paldo, the centenarian, says she loves going out to dinner and family events with her children. She recently attended a wedding and goes to Dunkin Donuts every Sunday with her son to meet friends, which she looks forward to every week.

She said he friends also always come over to her house for lunch. “They always call me, ‘We’re coming for lunch Wednesday at 12 o’clock. We have fun, Without your friends, I mean where are you right?”

Plant-based diet and activity

Paldo also attributes her good health to a mostly plant-based diet when she was young, as her father had a vegetable garden and seven kids, and they couldn’t afford to buy meat.

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She also avoids junk food and says that she thinks the plant-based foundation has given her good health throughout her life.

“I still get around very well. I can go up the stairs and down the stairs. I have energy, so I’m in pretty great shape for 100,” she says.

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