Singapore—Kim Lim, the daughter of billionaire Peter Lim, together with her new fiancé, are sharing their joy by giving 1,500 frontline healthcare workers from different hospitals meals twice a day.

Moreover, KELHealth Group, her philanthropy organisation, is making arrangements with Singapore Airlines to give some healthcare workers flight tickets to go home to their families. 

The billionaire heiress, 30, and founder of two aesthetic clinics recently got engaged, posting proposal photos on her Instagram account at the beginning of October.

And while her fiancé’s face can be clearly seen in a number of pictures, his identity remains private.

In a Nov 4 story, Ms Lim said that she is working with food and beverage company Fei Siong Group for the meals for the frontliners. She said that the group gave them “really good discounts” on traditional dishes from establishments including Encik Tan.

8days quotes Ms Lim as saying “We hope to give cleaners and staff [the] recognition they deserve, and make them feel appreciated.”

In an official press release, Ms Lim said that she and her husband to be “share a love of all kinds of food, especially the food [they] grew up with.”

She acknowledged that circumstances have been difficult for healthcare frontliners, as well as for the “invisible people we don’t see working hard in the background, like our cleaners or janitors.”

Giving them delicious meals is a way of reminding them that “there are people out here who are cheering them on. We want to thank them for every effort they have put in.”

Previous to the pandemic, Ms Lim was already involved in charity work as a regular volunteer at Apex Day Rehabilitation Centre and Operation Red Shirts. 

And in 2020, she participated in an effort to teach the elderly how to protect themselves against the Covid-19 and delivered food to frontliners at Singapore General Hospital and other medical institutions.

According to KELHealth, over 10,000 staff in public hospitals all over the country have been beneficiaries of Ms Lim and the group. 

”I just want to do what I can to cheer the healthcare workers – from the frontliners to the cleaners and security guards – on. I want them to know that everyone is behind them in this fight and that they are appreciated and loved,” she said last year.

As for helping facilitate visits home for healthcare workers, she told 8days that when the Ministry of Health announced the lifting of the suspension for overseas leave applications for all healthcare workers last month, a prompting to help them arose.

“I didn’t realise how tough our healthcare workers have it, and to finally be able to apply for overseas travel and go home to see your families, I want to support that. I want to make it easier for them, so I went to SIA and we had a really long (but good) discussion about it!”

She told 8days how much she “truly” admires healthcare workers “for their courage and strength. To be on your feet all day, to tend to the needs of those who are feeling unwell, it can be tiring and mentally draining for both the frontline and unseen heroes.

From the bottom of our hearts, we’re really thankful for everything they have done, and know that we at Kelhealth will always remember the real fighters during these trying times.” /TISG

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