International Humans share pics of dogs hidden in plain sight. Can you spot...

Humans share pics of dogs hidden in plain sight. Can you spot them all?

These pictures shared by pet owners under the hashtag #HiddenDogChallenge will leave you thoroughly entertained



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India — Have you ever played “Where’s Waldo” as a kid? Do you still play those online ‘find the hidden object’ games on your phone? Then this dog version of the same, wherein one has to spot the hidden pooches, will make you very . In case, you’re not a connoisseur of such games, worry not.

These pictures shared by under the hashtag #HiddenDogChallenge will leave you thoroughly entertained, anyway. And the best perk of it all? You get to see cute and adorable pooches from all over the world.

In some of the pictures, the doggos are hidden in plain sight but are too difficult to find. The few images are shared on a lighter note and show the failed hiding attempts of the pooches.

The challenge was originally started on a Facebook page called Dogspotting where people started sharing the images using the hashtag #HiddenDogChallenge. Soon the users of the other social media platforms too started taking notice and participated by sharing various images, especially on Instagram.

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Let’s start with this Instagram post that is captioned, “Let’s play a game of hide and seek! Can you find me?” Can you really spot it by looking at the pic once?

Next in the line is this image which shows a room completed with a TV and couch but can you spot where the dog is?

“He believes closing his eyes makes him invisible and he’s obviously right,” shared an Instagram user. They’re right, hidden or not, the dog looks absolutely adorable.

Here are some of the other posts shared under the challenge:

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How many could you spot?

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