A tuk-tuk driver was caught on camera being aggressive towards his passengers and demanding more money than what was previously agreed upon.

“We took the tuk-tuk from CentralWorld at about 2:45 pm on Sept 2. I told him to go to our condo near BTS Surasak and agreed on the price of 160 baht (S$6),” said the passenger in an email shared with The Independent Singapore.


BKK tuktuk driver demanded more money. i did not agree so he stops halfway and turns violent. police report has been made #bangkok #tuktuk #taxi #scam #violent

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As they approached BTS Chong Nongsi, the tuk-tuk driver informed them that their condo was too far and asked for 300 baht, which the passenger rejected.

“I told him if he did not want to go further than BTS Surasak, then we will stop at BTS Surasak and pay him 160 baht as agreed.”

However, the driver allegedly stopped at their current location and did not want to drive further. The passengers alighted, and the driver asked for 200 baht.

“He claimed that we told him to go to BTS Chong Nongsi and kept yelling vulgarities ‘F**k you.’ He appears aggressive, so I started to record video. I said that we did not and had agreed to go to BTS Surasak,” said the passenger.

The passenger perceived that the driver was worried they wouldn’t pay, so he handed him 100 baht, which the driver accepted.

“Even after that, he pushed me violently and attempted to hit me, but I moved away. I told him that since he took us to BTS Chong Nongsi instead of BTS Surasak, I paid him 100 baht which is fair for him.”

Not wanting to escalate the altercation, the passenger walked away and filed a police report.

“There have been cases of taxi drivers behaving violently recently in Bangkok against tourists; this is another one. I hope you would share this and encourage the Bangkok authorities to take action and tourists to be careful,” said the passenger.

In an update on Sept 6, the Thai Tourist Police said they were able to identify and contact the tuk-tuk driver accused of being aggressive.

He was fined 1,000 baht (S$38) and ordered three hours of good behaviour training, the Bangkok Post reported.

He was fined for having the wrong licence to drive public transport and using vulgar language on the passengers.

Netizens advised others to take the MRT or skytrain when in Bangkok. “Don’t take tuk-tuk la. Unless you travel outside then you take,” said TikTok user Robin Tan Robin, commenting on the video also posted on the platform.

“In BKK, the tuk-tuk drivers are all very expensive. Local people don’t use them around BKK area. Advice to tourists, please use fare taxi or MRT,” added TikTok user simonquek. /TISG

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