Entertainment Celebrity Give to charity instead of flowers for me says

Give to charity instead of flowers for me says Sammi Cheng

Sammi Cheng, the queen of , went on Instagram on July 9 (Tuesday) to urge her fans to donate money to the Cancer Fund instead of buying bouquets for her




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– It is a common concert tradition to wave a banner in support of your favorite artist or give them a bouquet in appreciation. However, in light of the zero-waste lifestyle that is currently trending, certain practices have started to change.

, the queen of , went on Instagram on July 9 (Tuesday) to urge her fans to donate money to the Hong Kong Cancer Fund instead of buying bouquets for her. She even gave bank account details to donate to along with other information in her caption.

“Hope the flower shops understand this suggestion,” noted Cheng at the end.

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歡迎可以把送花籃的心意改為慈善捐款至「香港癌症基金會」。以下是捐款詳情: 支票捐款 將劃線支票(抬頭「香港癌症基金會」)連同個人資料包括姓名、住址、手提電話號碼及收據姓名,郵寄至香港中環荷李活道32號建業榮基中心2501室,香港癌症基金會捐助服務部收。 銀行直接存款 直接存入香港癌症基金會戶口: 香港上海匯豐銀行:567-366083-003 東亞銀行:187-40-400099-1 如需收據申請扣減稅款,請把銀行入數紙連同個人資料包括姓名、住址、手提電話號碼及收據姓名,郵寄至香港中環荷里活道32號建業榮基中心2501室,香港癌症基金會捐助服務部收。 謝謝!?。 #至於收據不用給我了 #心意完全收到? #希望花店也理解這建議?

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In another Instagram video, the superstar informed the public that her would not be giving out the usual pong pong sticks (fluorescent sticks) to fans in an endeavour to produce less waste during the events.

She said that if everyone was provided with two pong pong sticks over 13 , about 260,000 pieces of garbage would be produced.

“The company and I chose (sic) to protect the environment first,” said Cheng. “For the environment that we have been destroying, it is worth doing our best and to our greatest extent.”

Of course, a concert experience would not be complete without something to wave or hold up high in the air, so the superstar suggested downloading a free app called inEVENT which will turn a mobile phone into a fluorescent stick.

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She previously explained that the downside to this is that the audience won’t be able to take photos or videos at the same time. However, for Cheng, “the audience’s sincere applause is far better than a pong pong stick.”

“I sincerely thank each and every audience (sic) for understanding and supporting this decision,” she said.

“I hope that the audience will be able to devote every moment to the atmosphere and cherish every moment on the stage.”

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十三場的演唱會,如果每埸每人派發兩枝pong pong stick, (或螢光棒) 就會製造和永久留下了二十六萬枝廢物, 所以,在細意權衡之下, mi和公司選擇了環保為大前題 #這是歷史性的開始,為了我們已經被破壞得七七八八的生態環境,值得儘最大努力,做得幾多得幾多. ? 沒有了我們一向慣常的全場pong pong stick, 但我們大家卻為環保作出了努力,#生態環境會為我們所有人的努力和願望改變而微笑喔! 請download #inEVENT 這個apps,免費的,就可以用手機代替螢光棒? #其實觀眾真摯熱情的掌聲遠勝pongpongstick? #儘量不要膠下去 #凡事都有第一次 #坐言起行 #其真的很困難在生活範圍或工作上完全沒有用到塑膠所以大家就在可以的範圍之內盡量作出努力吧? DOWNLOAD: #inEVENT 就可以把手機當作螢光棒用

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Cheng has been very active on Instagram, giving everyone updates of her preparations for the upcoming concerts such as workouts at the gym and voice maintenance sessions.

She also seemed very lively and cheerful in the social media updates, giving everyone the impression that she has moved on from the scandal involving her husband, singer Andy Hui, and TVB actress Jacqueline Wong wherein they were found canoodling at the back of a taxi.

Sammi Cheng will be holding 13 concerts at the Hong Kong Coliseum from July 12 (Friday) to July 27. -/TISGFollow us on Social Media

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