A man in his 30s who had never been in a relationship before wondered if he would forever be alone because of his height requirement in a potential girlfriend.

In an anonymous post to popular confessions page SGWhispers, the man wrote: “As a 30 year old 5′ 7 ” (170cm) guy, sometimes I cant help it but feel some sort of existential crisis whenever I see people posting about their height. The problem is further exacerbated by the fact that I have been evergreen since the day I was born, meaning that I might never ever get a girlfriend in this life. I am not young anymore by the way”.

He added that the girl he dated needed to be around 155 cm to 165 cm so that he could “feel taller” than her.

“Yes, people may judge me for being shallow but I have even tried my luck wooing taller ladies, but no chance at all, so I simply lowered my expectations”, the man wrote.

He added that girls around his age were already all in relationships or married, so he had no alternative than to date older or younger women.

“Also, most of the young ladies I observe out there (visually) from some distance, do not have the height in my comfortable zone. I would say my eye level is not sufficiently high to feel signifcantly taller, since my eyes are at most abit taller than theirs. You just cant feel that “height difference shiokness” that the taller guys have relative to shorter girls”, he wrote, adding that there needed to be a height difference of at least 5cm for him to be attracted to a girl.

“Another phenomenon is that most of my peers are married/ attached. Coincidentally, most of them are at least mid 175 to 190cm and due to my small social circle, I dont have any shorter friends to disprove my assumption”, he added.
He asked other netizens if he would be “doomed to eternal loneliness” and added that there were just not enough shorter girls out there.
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