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Conservatives are not a fan of illegal migrants coming into the United States. There are about 200,000 illegals crossing the US border in December alone. For the most part, it is unthinkable to phantom the vast amount of people doing this. Conservatives on X are comparing these numbers to football stadiums in the United States. 

Migrant encounters along the southern border have soared past 200,000 in December, averaging over 10,000 daily, according to Customs and Border Protection sources relayed by Fox News. Records were shattered in September with 269,000 encounters and over 240,000 in October; November’s figures remain undisclosed. 

December last year logged 252,000 encounters, potentially eclipsed by this month’s consistent 10,000 daily rate.

FY23 saw over 2.4 million encounters, marked by recent peaks like Monday’s 12,600 encounters, setting a new daily record post-Texas surge. Arizona witnessed over 700 illegal crossings, prompting state mobilization.

Governors Hobbs and Abbott responded differently: Hobbs deployed the National Guard, accusing federal inaction, while Abbott expanded migrant transport and enacted arrest provisions to counter the inflow. 

Conservatives unhappy with the number of illegal migrants coming into America 


X users state that if this is the amount that is reported by border control, it means there could possibly be more coming into the United States. Border control is an important fixture for any country. Some are showing the gravity of the situation on how many of them are coming to the country per month. 

Furthermore, some have pointed out the fact that December has not even ended yet. This means there would be more coming within this month. Regardless, a country will most definitely run into problems if they keep accepting illegal foreigners in large quantities. 

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