Candace Owens, one of the rising stars of the conservatives, a proud and successful Black woman is receiving praises from conservatives. Ironically, White liberals would state that conservatives are unaccepting of minorities and persons of colour. However, it seems that in the 2020s, the tables are turning.

According to Newsweek, conservative commentator Candace Owens, eight months pregnant, faced mixed reactions at the University at Albany during a TPUSA event. When asked about trans students who felt “victimized” by her presence, Owens responded with, “Life’s tough, get a helmet, man, I’m too pregnant for this.”

Furthermore, her remark garners both cheers and silent disbelief from students. Owens later shares the video on X, stating, “It is not my job to coddle adults.” Supporters are cheering her straightforwardness, while the clip got 3 million views on the platform.

Candace Owens, hero for the conservatives

Several conservative users on X agree with Candace Owens statement. Following that, users state that it’s fine to identify with whatever gender you want. However, forcing the whole country to follow your ideology and calling those who refuse to join in as bigots is wrong.

Conservatives openly state they are happy to see her make woke liberals cry for her smart responses. In addition to this, it is a peculiar sight to see White liberals take offence to a Black woman with a voice. Typically, it seems that they would encourage strong and independent Black women.

Others state that the real world has more problems than a White blue haired 20 year old feeling victimised by a non-White person. Users state that they have to struggle in order to make ends meet every day, and would obviously have bigger problems than this. For the most part, many are telling these woke kids to grow up and act like adults.

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Regardless, it is rather ironic to see a conservative figure exposing the woke ideology to those who would most likely have a very privileged life. For most parts of the world, young adults can’t afford to feel victimised by a speaker in a university.

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