Singapore — Miko Bae, the other half of Taiwan-based duo By2, broke her silence in a Weibo post on New Year’s Eve, a week after her twin sister Yumi was hospitalised following an alleged suicide attempt.

Last week, Yumi Bai, who was accused by Mandopop star Wang Leehom’s ex-wife Lee Jinglei of being Wang’s mistress, is said to have been in critical condition in hospital in Taiwan, after overdosing on pills in a supposed suicide bid.

And while Miko did not mention her younger sister by name, there were references in the post that broadly hinted to Yumi.

“New year, new wishes, but unfortunately , the new year does not take away the trauma caused by rumors. 

I hope that the person I care about the most can be discharged from the hospital as soon as possible to be restored to health.”

Photo: Weibo screengrab/By2_MikoSun Han

One can almost feel Miko’s heartache in her words.

 “The social pressure of these years is huge.”

The singer added that a majority of adults do “not find an outlet to vent emotions” and therefore “we should spend a little more time to care and care for the more important people.”

Miko added that in her thirteen years as a singer she has experienced many storms, but that she will keep on dreaming and “never forgetting that I entered the industry because I love music. 

I never forget to fight, I still believe that I can be strong on my own,” she added.

She appealed to the public to not “judge a person from someone’s words, while the whole picture is unknown. Everything has cracks that lets light in.”

The news of Yumi’s rumoured suicide attempt first surfaced on Weibo on Wednesday (Dec 22).

Yumi was taken to hospital to have her stomach pumped, according to a netizen who describes herself as a close friend of the singer.

The netizen whose Weibo handle translates as “Being A Child 007” posted four photos that looked as if they had been taken to an emergency room in a hospital.

One of the pictures posted by the netizen on Weibo shows a woman in a wheelchair, who is thought to be Yumi.

In the Weibo post, netizen 做个小孩007 addresses Wang directly, saying, “Yumi took pills to commit suicide and is having her stomach pumped at the hospital now! @Wang Leehom you’re the one who knows best if Yumi was indeed a third party in your mess of a marriage! If anything really happens to her, I absolutely will not forgive you!!” /TISG

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By2 singer Yumi ‘attempts suicide’ amid rumours she was Wang Leehom’s mistress