In a gut-wrenching ad, President Biden’s re-election campaign pointed fingers directly at former President Donald J. Trump for the harrowing ordeal of Amanda Zurawski, whose life hung in the balance after she was denied an abortion following a miscarriage.

The ad plunges viewers into the emotional turmoil of Zurawski and the gripping narrative that sheds light on the life-threatening infection she endured, all due to Texas laws prohibiting medically necessary abortions.

With a chilling simplicity, the screen fades to black, bearing a single damning phrase: “Donald Trump did this.”

Abortion ordeal exploited

The ad aims to harness the seething public outrage over the Supreme Court’s 2022 decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, a historic legal safeguard for women’s abortion rights for nearly 50 years.

Biden’s camp is banking on the fury of voters, squarely placing blame on Trump for the court’s ruling and subsequent conservative legislative onslaughts against abortion rights across several states.

“The only reason extreme abortion bans are now in effect all over the country is because of judges appointed by the previous president and Senate Republicans,” asserted Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House press secretary.

Zurawski’s anguished story features prominently in a $30 million ad blitz, slated to hit broadcast and cable stations in battleground states. Her lawsuit against the State of Texas, stemming from being denied an abortion underscores the dire consequences of anti-abortion policies. With 21 additional women joining her legal battle, the case now rests with the Texas Supreme Court.

Zurawski’s advocacy has taken her to the forefront of the fight for reproductive rights. She recently stood beside President Biden at the State of the Union address and joined him in a January event spotlighting the urgency of protecting these rights.

“This ad lays bare the raw reality Josh and I confront daily—heartbreak and trauma,” she shared. “It’s an exhausting battle, but one we must continue. That’s why winning in November is imperative—to finally take a breath.”

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