House Speaker Mike Johnson has made a complete ‘about-face’ on impeachment. Once a vocal critic of the process, Johnson now stands in favor of pursuing an impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden.

This reversal raises questions about the motivations behind the shift and the potential consequences for the nation.

Speaker and the Pandora’s Box

Back when Democrats sought to oust then-President Donald Trump, Johnson, somewhat prophetically, cautioned against the short-sightedness of such actions.

He spoke of opening a “Pandora’s box” where every opposition party in control of the House could wield impeachment as a political weapon, a scenario he claimed the Founding Fathers feared.

 A complete ‘about-face’

Johnson, now the speaker of the House with Republicans in control, seems to have shelved his previous concerns about the impeachment process., making a complete ‘about-face.’

Responding to inquiries from CNN, Johnson’s office maintained that his commentary on the 2019 impeachment of President Trump remains true. However, they stressed a departure from past practices, stating, “The House will depose witnesses, gather evidence, establish a record, and only present Articles if the evidentiary record supports such action.”

Critics, including White House spokesperson Sharon Yang, are quick to label Johnson’s stance as blatant hypocrisy, accusing him of participating in a “nakedly partisan smear campaign” against President Biden. Yang contends that the focus should be on addressing the issues the American people genuinely care about, such as lowering costs, creating jobs, and strengthening healthcare, rather than perpetuating what she deems “recycled conspiracy theories.”

Despite criticisms, Johnson has announced plans to potentially hold a vote in the House this week to initiate a formal impeachment inquiry.

Strategy shift or political posturing?

As the political landscape continues to evolve, the nation watches, curious about the true motivations behind this unexpected shift in strategy and its potential implications for the future.

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