Woman gives birth in an Uber car en route to hospital; receives $300 Uber vouchers


Siti Halimah Mahamud gave birth to a baby in an Uber car while she was en route to the hospital.

Siti, who was 36 weeks pregnant, had called an ambulance and an Uber car when pregnancy pain started. The Uber car arrived first and driver Danny Chong rushed the expectant mother and her sister-in-law to the National University Hospital.

Siti’s water bag burst halfway to the hospital – an event that surprised her and her sister-in-law since her first child had to be induced. The baby was born 3-5 minutes the trio reached the hospital.

Following her baby’s birth, Siti was given Uber vouchers worth S$300 and a hamper. The hospital also recorded the baby’s place of birth as Ayer Rajah Expressway.

Chong, who was calm and made the sisters feel as comfortable as possible throughout the birthing process, later reported that he had difficulty finding a local car cleaner as many he approached were unwilling to clean his car.

He eventually had to take his car to Johor Bahru to get it clean. Although Uber reimbursed, Chong, he reports that there is still a “smell” in the backseat. Despite this, he appreciated the thank you note Siti sent him the day after the memorable event.


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