Lifestyle Arts Veteran actress Fauziah Ahmad Daud sells homemade curry paste to settle debts

Veteran actress Fauziah Ahmad Daud sells homemade curry paste to settle debts

On the first day, 100 jars of the paste were sold at RM28 (S$9) each




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Malaysian actress-producer Fauziah Ahmad Daud has started selling homemade curry paste in order to settle debts, including the wages of cast and crew from her theatre production, the horror-comedy Korupsi Dewan Semandung, according to on Tuesday (May 12).

The veteran actress, who is known as Ogy, decided to sell curry paste when her application for a bank loan to pay the debts was rejected. The 57-year-old told BH Online that she did not mind working hard in the kitchen to make curry paste to raise money for the repayments.

The curry paste is a family heritage recipe. Picture: Instagram

Ogy said she was not a liar and would keep her word to pay off the debts. The homemade curry paste is from a family recipe of her late father, actor-singer Ahmad Daud. On the first day, 100 jars of curry paste were sold. Each jar cost RM28 (S$9).

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Ogy received help in the preparation of the curry paste from the mother of one of her former students in an acting class. She began cooking the paste at 9 am to prepare enough for 300 jars.

Meanwhile, other people who have found out about Ogy’s financial problems have contacted her to offer help. Her Facebook friend Khairul Hakimin Muhammad, who is also an influencer, wanted to help her promote her product through a campaign he was working on without receiving any fees. Ogy also thanked singer Siti Nurhaliza’s manager Rozi, who helped promote the curry paste.

Korupsi Dewan Semandung actor Che Mat had reportedly lodged a police report in Cheras over the debts about two weeks ago. He claimed that Syarikat Ogy Venture & Network had failed to pay the balance owed to the theatre’s actors.

The horror-comedy was staged at the Istana Budaya (Palace Of Culture), the country’s main venue for all kinds of theatre, from Feb 28 to March 1. Tickets were priced at RM58 to RM258.

It is reported that the production received favourable reviews. /TISG

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