Police shoot down rampaging wild boar endangering public safety


Police officers were forced to shoot down a wild board that was rampaging on Punggol West Flyover this Tuesday evening.

Officers were first notified that an accident involving the animal and a car had occurred on the flyover at 7.08pm. When the police and representatives of wildlife rescue group Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (Acres) arrived at the scene, the wild boar was lying on the road, injured.

However, it got up shortly after and charged towards the officers and members of the public in the area. The police fired tasers at the animal, but it continued to charge unfazed.

An officer was subsequently forced to shoot the animal since it was endangering public safety. Acres later euthanised the animal.

The Singapore Police Force reported on their Facebook page:

“On 21 Nov 2017 at 7.08pm, the Police were alerted to an accident involving a wild boar and a car on Punggol West Flyover. The injured wild boar was lying on the road when Police officers and ACRES personnel arrived at the location. The wild boar got up and charged towards the officers and members of the public within the vicinity. The officers fired their Tasers at the boar, but it continued to charge towards them and the public.
“As the wild boar was rampaging and was a danger to the people within the vicinity, an officer had to draw his revolver to fire a shot at it, to stop it from injuring anyone. The wild boar was shot at the neck. The tusked wild boar measured 1.5m from head to tail. The injured wild boar was handed over to the ACRES personnel and subsequently euthanised. No one was injured in the incident.”

Wild boar shot by Police after endangering public safetyOn 21 Nov 2017 at 7.08pm, the Police were alerted to an…

Posted by Singapore Police Force on Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Wild boars have been venturing into busy highways more and more, of late. As their natural habitats are deforested to accommodate urban development, such wild animals find themselves in greater conflict with humans lately:

Number of injured commuters rise as another wild boar causes second accident in past 2 days


  1. Has this anything to do with the construction works at forested areas like Mandai to build the new eco-tourist resort at the zoo as well as the Bukit Brown forested areas?

  2. AOJ?? Can use firearm meh? That wild boar already kana hit by vehicle of course stress, but even it charge at the public the most injury how come use of firearm, where the minimum force. Useless police nowadays, if that animal is poisonous and huge don’t say lah

  3. Always take the easy way out. Learned from the superior elite. Easy way out equals less work. So can have a lot of free time to post selfies on FB mah.

  4. What happen if the bullet went astray and killed someone else in the bushes or vicinity? Why no warning shot given to the animal?Why The Police never fire a single shot when the little india riot broke out?

  5. Like MRT , using the staff misfit the job ….police only know to do target practice !! Why call in the police instead of Zoo or animal org. officer ! At least with the right person on the job , the wild boar has a chance to survive !!! Nahbeh !!

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