Our First Gentleman to be, Mohamed Abdullah Alhabshee

Mr Mohammed Abdullah Alhabshee with Mdm Halimah Yacob

Meet Mohammed Abdullah Alhabshee, Halimah Yacob’s husband and soon to be our First Gentleman. Madam Halimah Yacob is the front runner in the upcoming presidential elections and tracked down to see how this Cinderalla met her prince charming.

University sweethearts but she never lost her shoes
Mr Mohammed Abdullah Alhabshee graduated with a physics major from the University of Singapore. He was Halimah’s university sweetheart and they got married two years after she graduated.

Determined and humble

They were hopelessly in love but poor. He never believed in borrowing money just to make their lives better. As a result, the first flat that they moved into was spartan and un-renovated. They started with a rented room where they stayed with relatives.  Together with the love of his life by his side, they eventually managed to save up enough to buy a five-room flat in Tampines for $75,000.

He never forgot his roots and still lives in a HDB house with Mdm Halimah today. Together they have five children in steady progress.

Strong family values

Mr Mohammed Abdullah Alhabshee enforced the importance of communal living and being filial to their children.

30 years ago, he and Mdm Halimah bought two adjacent five- and four-room flats in Yishun, and knocked down the dividing wall so that the family can be even closer together.

In his household, everything is family-sized and common property. The idea of sharing is with high emphasis.

In a 2013 interview, Mdm Halimah shared that in their household, “You do not buy things just for yourself. You buy things to share with everybody.”

He took care of his mother and lived under the same roof until she passed away in 1999. His mother-in-law too lived with them until recently, when she passed away in 2015.

Tri-lingual and a singer

Mr Mohammed Abdullah Alhabshee is talented. Well versed in Malay and English, he can also sing well in Tamil!

The support behind Mdm Halimah success

Madam Halimah is a grounded lady. She never solely relies on official feedback channels but keeps her ears to the ground so that she can understand her residents better and offer timely helps. Back in MSF (Ministry of Social and Family Development), she would visit voluntary welfare groups at least twice a week to conduct routine supervision to implement effective policies.

Mr Mohamed Abdullah Alhabshee acts as the emotion pillar in her life. He is extremely proud of his wife achievements. He never fails to give her moral support and devote time to accompany her to grassroots events and functions.

The Singaporean Identity

Mr Mohamed Abdullah Alhabshee symbolizes Singaporean identity and yet takes pride in his own ethnic background.

Alhabshee is an Arab family name and Singaporean Arabs have a history that stretches all the way to the island’s modern founding by Stamford Raffles.

Even though Arabs are a relatively small community, they have made prominent contributions to the country. The majority of the Arabs in Singapore are Hadhramis tracing their ancestry from the southern part of the Arabian Peninsula called Hadhramaut, which is now part of the Republic of Yemen. Some of the more famous Arab families includes the Aljunied (al-Junayds), the Alsagoff (al-Saqqāf), and the Alkaff (al-Kāf) families.



  1. What a ‘sham’! Meritocracy – better person wins regardless of race, colour, religion, education or language. Put artificial barriers to circumvent the intent, role purpose of the elected President is a mockery of Singaporeans. How stupid are we as Singaporeans – Venezuelans are suffering the same abuse but not in silence.

  2. To be? So there’s not going to be an election? The people are going to be denied a choice? Goodbye to LKY’s legacy. Singapore will be going to the dogs. Wait and see.

    • Defining race is a futile exercise. Who can say what we all really are, but if you play by the rules which the government has decided to set, a child follows their father’s race, she is not Malay. My best guess for this mess is that, apart from preventing Tan Cheng Bok from running by coming up with this rule at the very last minute, is that the committee who worked on this had decided their candidate, then reverse engineered the criteria, they then didn’t bother checking that she was Indian Muslim, because they just assumed she was Malay as she ran on the Malay ticket in the elections, which then resulted in this enormous mess: the creation of a criteria in which their own candidate didn’t meet. It is farcical at best, lazy and careless at least. And it is also a violation of their own rules which means they have managed to break their own law. So now they are furiously Malay-washing Halimah. That for me is the most revolting part of all – the look at how Malay she is bit. Malay is not just a culture, it is also a race. Which according to her IC, she is probably not. So, don’t tell the Malays they have had a president already.

    • that will bring us to the issue of she resigning from PAP and her ward, empty seat needs to be filled by an by-election, but the whites just anyhow appoint a grassroot to take over her place, this is an insult to the so call democracy and the election legislation and also an insult to the voters of Yew Tee. the whole fiasco is a mockery to the entire constitution. all in the name of preventing TCB to run for the election and has created so many disharmony and criticism. but the whites insist on doing whatever at all cost even stooping as low as calling an indian some other race they choose to be.

    • Totally agree. Do what they want to ownself change the policy, race & rules just to block Dr Tan.
      Knowing the risk of losing their integrity n trust of the 70% voters, they still stand by their decision to call any non-Malay whom choose Muslim as their religion a Malay. Is either there is a bigger risk of exposure if Dr Tan win the EP or they assume 70% voters are ignorant people ah?

    • As they say, the race is not over until the fat lady sings ….

      So guys hold on to your horses until our learned Judges hearing the Appeal consider this matter with God’s wisdom n pass judgment righteously in the interests of the citizens of Singapore.

  3. I wonder it is “President Elections ” or “President Appointment ” ?
    Who give her husband the status of “First Gentlemen ” hiding under the skirt of a woman?
    A friend went to Marsiling Sian Chay Medical Institute twice for treatment, she saw two Chinese women searching the dustbins for aluminum cans and paper cardboard, will Halimah donate her salary to the poor residents as Universal basic income when she already has double income as speaker and MP plus her husband and 5 children’s income???
    Please have a heart for the unemployed, senior citizens with poor health who search the dustbins for aluminum cans to sell in exchange for food for their hungry stomachs!!!
    Only when the very rich help the very poor regardless of race, language or religions, then peace and happiness can be achieved in Singapore!!!

    • @MOE
      Figure head or puppet master also has millions of dollars as income!
      Now, the hot topic is about “President Elections “, do you understand ?
      Singaporeans should only consider the civic – minded to lead our national service

  4. before this reserved PE, people hardly talked about race during an election but now u can see comments on race all the time.
    tot the reserved PE is meant to address the racial issue (if any in the first place) but it seems to make it worse.

    • Only the stupid think its about race this PE in Singapore. It is more about ensuring the security for Singapore and its people that the govt needs to have the occasional Malay head of state. For though Singapore is a meritocratic country the Chinese stills dominates in key political, social and economic of the country. Being a small country surrounded by Malay/ Muslim countries and with the rise of nationalistic sentiment and Islamic influence it is vital that Singapore is not seen as a “Chinese” country by its neighbours. Thus the effort by the govt to ensure Malay President is in place from time to time.

    • While our Minlaw and some ministers emphasizing about racial harmony. Here our government is messing up with races. How can an Indian race claimed herself Malay when her roots is Indian. Hahahah 缭乱民心

    • The Singapore we call home as one nation, one people, one Singapore regardless of race n language n religion has been clearly divided by race, thanks to our dear policy makers for the country

  5. Their will is as strong as their intention is clear. She must be the chosen (haha) One. Race and gender take a backseat, never mind that, such inconvenient will conveniently be put away. When you have absolute power there is no need to call a spade a spade. You innovate. You circumvent. You eliminate. You exploit. Come Nomination Day, victory will be declared. Polling Day is such an inconvenient. The inordinate difficult qualifying criteria to contest in the Presidential race will easily take care of that. The Chosen One must be installed at all cost, by hook or by crook. Well, maybe not!!

  6. itz’nt a whole thing is a “BULL*SHIT”…seems ALL had been pre-decided Long Long Time ago…SG at its “MOST FOOLISH” NEW LeveL..!!!!!!

  7. Really not interested in her love story. Only interested how much of our tax payers money she will be wasting on her pay and expensive to support the so call “elected president”. Waste of our hard earn money. . Maybe shit will happen to her and her family after she wasted our hard earn bloody money.

  8. If I don’t vote or I spoil my vote I give her an advantage. I rather give this Second Chance /Golden Chance my vote to increase his lead. Don’t waste your vote

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  10. Both of them will never earn the respect from the majority of Singaporeans! Good luck but don’t expect any of my respect to both of you! Too disgusting!

  11. Who fucking cares? How can a person whose father is an Indian claim to be a Malay? If she got ushered in to be president then we are no better being a real dictatorship! Pui! Disgusting to the max!

  12. We do not have a First Lady anymore so whats this calling him First Gentleman?
    Even if she’s elected, it wouldn’t be considered proper using the universal yardstick for a fair election.
    Over 99.99% of the people vote for less than 0.1% of the people who can qualify to stand.
    How’s that for discriminaton by the very Govt the people elected to serve all?

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