“Next PM is very likely in Cabinet already” – PM Lee


Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has indicated that the next Prime Minister of Singapore is likely already in Cabinet, in an interview with business news agency CNBC on Thursday.

When asked how close he is to finding his successor, the head of government said:

“I think it is very likely that he is in the cabinet already. But which one? That will take a while to work out.”

Describing the selection process for the next PM, PM Lee said that the younger Ministers will decide who will fill his seat:

“I have explained this quite often, and quite publicly that I have assembled a team, a strong team of younger ministers. They have to establish themselves, among themselves, they have to work out their relationships and assess one another. Publicly, they have to gain the confidence of the public and show the public what they are able to do. In time, they will have to come to a consensus as to who should be leading the team into the next stage. Beyond me. The process has taken some time. We have been bringing in people in every election – 2006, 2011, 2015. So it has advanced, we will continue to bring people in to reinforce the team, but who is to emerge? Well, time will tell. It cannot be a very long time, because the clock ticks and waits for no man.”

He added that the next election could be held “anytime” in the next two years.

PM Lee has repeatedly announced in recent years that he would step down some time after the next general election, which must be held by 15 Jan 2021.

While Deputy Prime Ministers Teo Chee Hean and Tharman Shanmugaratnam are prime candidates for the position, it is unlikely that they will assume the role since they are only about 5 years younger than the PM.

Many have also touted that Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat will make a fine PM. Former Member of Parliament Inderjit Singh said “No obvious PM candidate other than Heng Swee Keat has emerged.”

However, the possibility that Heng Swee Keat will become the next PM grew dimmer when he suffered a stroke last May.

Younger ministers Chan Chun Sing and Ong Ye Kung have been tipped as top choices for the role by political pundits, as well. Both ministers are in their 40s.

The online sphere was especially rife with speculation that Chan Chun Sing would succeed PM Lee’s seat when he posted this photo on Facebook last month:

The photo capturing the Singapore delegation during the first day of their three-day visit to China features Minister Chan smack dab in the middle of the group. In People’s Action Party (PAP) group shots, this position is typically assumed by the Prime Minister:

In this instance, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong was occupied with a welcome ceremony outside the Great Hall of the People in Beijing when the remaining members of the delegation decided to pose for a photo.

Chan Chun Sing’s conspicuously central position gave rise to such rumours especially because he is not exactly known to be subtle since he addressed Halimah Yacob as Madam President while she was still Speaker of Parliament – a whopping 8 months before the current head of state revealed her intention to contest and eventually won the reserved election by means of a walkover.

The Man in the Middle: Is Chan Chun Sing hinting that he will be Singapore’s next Prime Minister?


    • He will say the minorities, in this case, the Malay community, have gotten for their ‘Malay’ president… so perhaps there is now no need for PM to be from the minorities?

    • Yes!!! Our PM can be Malay, Indian, Eurasian or any other minority group with their minuscule numbers who are our fellow Singaporeans. In fact, we can even have a female PM. Why NOT??? The best person for the job. NO discrimination whatsoever. We, the citizens and voters will decide who lead Singapore. It is NOT for the PAP or anyone else to dictate to us what we should do or think. TIME to stand up for ourselves. EMPOWER and EMBOLDEN ourselves! We will DECIDE who govern Singapore. NOT forced or dictated to by the EVIL PAP who are unscrupulous and absolutely manipulative and oppressive. TIME to kick them out. RESTRUCTURE Singapore! From the top down. Thereafter, to check into the true financial state of Singapore. Hopefully, MORE benefits can be returned back to the citizens under the strict adherence of keeping our fiscal position strong to overcome any unforeseen shocks that may happen from time to time. Checks and Balances must be in place. The NONSENSE of own self check own self is just that: NONSENSE! Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely!

  1. Totally wonder what kind of a PM he is. Obviously the next PM must be in the cabinet already and by now must be groomed to takeover since he said he will be stepping down in a couple of years!

    • He knows he will never get PM so the best is DPM. He is probably competing against the Chindian and Iswaran is probably not in the running. But of course there is still Puthucheary.

  2. Rumours that Chan Chun Sing is related to the PM or his wife. Being groomed, jumped into Tanjong Pagar grc. Mr and Mrs PM has to get a relative to succeed, cos they got their hands deep everywhere.

  3. Singapore is already going downhill with LHL. It will be a cliff jump if Chan Chun Sing , being a disgusting joker , becomes the next PM. It will be the end of Singapore when that day comes…

    • This is sad. Dr Lily Neo may be the good leader and a person who genuinely leads and serve her constituents. But, she will NOT go far in the PAP if she is NOT in the good book of PM LHL, the nasty dictator who is a disgrace to Singapore. I simply cannot get it around my head as to why PM LHL is so stupid as to fight with his siblings??? He has ALL the power. Why does he NEED to preserve 38 Oxley Road??? Why is he always talking about his dead father, LKY??? Answer: He is still An Apprentice! After 20 Years he is still UNFIT to become the fully qualified tradesman to lead Singapore. To be brutally frank: He has a stupid brain.

  4. So dramatic. Trying to sound mysterious and wise but end up looking anything but.
    I believe he has very good foresight when it comes to things relating to self interest.
    As they say, it is on the cards already, and for the successor, it is in the bag.
    But why not grab some attention, right?

  5. “very likely” is a terribly weak comment by a head of state. Someone is either pregnant or not. There is no such thing as “very likely” pregnant. Stoopid muppet!

  6. If this bugger cannot even keep his promise to his own father on the house, what makes you think that he will keep his words on what he says now? There’s no hint at all that he is willing to step down.

    • Actually, he has said that he will step down as the PM but will NOT be out of politics altogether. This means that he will follow LKY, the conman extraordinaire and state terrorist and be the Senior Minister, Minister Mentor or whatever nonsensical title he will give himself. His objective is to still be in control. But, truly, this dishonourable son has a stupid brain. He is mortal. He will die one day just like all human beings will one day. My point: How much can he hide his dirty secrets??? And, with the internet and social media today let’s seize the opportunities to FORCE transparency from PM LHL and his team of opportunists in the PAP who are gouging on the taxpayers! The abuse of power and corruption must stop! We can stop them by voting in the Opposition to challenge them in Parliament and prevent the PAP from acting with IMPUNITY, namely, passing laws that bind and subjugate us! NO, we will SURELY decline if we keep believing and voting in the PAP as the dominant power and giving them the ability to do as they please. In plain and direct talk: Unless we have more than a third of the Opposition MPs elected into Parliament on GE 2020 the abuse of power and corruption of the PAP will continue unchecked and unabated. And, yes, GE 2020 will be the last chance to salvage the losses and replace the damage done by PM LHL. GE 2015 was our last hope for EFFECTIVE change. Sadly, all we can achieve henceforth is stability and viability of Singapore. Progress and prosperity is too hard to achieve. NOT impossible. But, to do that we must RESTRUCTURE Singapore from the top down. And, for that there will be massive changes to the civil service and most importantly a New Vision including the amendments to our laws to bring Democracy and the true Rule of Law into place. The Economy must be the top priority. We will need the experienced business leaders and capable administrators to overhaul our mediocre and even obsolete system. These are the REAL challenges. NO more wayang and trash talking. NO more million of dollars for the PM and ministers. The PM of Singapore should be getting $50,000 a month with NO further claim. If he/she cannot survive on this salary then he should start his own business or be the CEO or in the top management team of a private non-government related multi-national company thereby earning the millions of dollars. Politics is about governing and serving the PEOPLE and Nation. If money is your objective stay out of politics! P.S. There is NO point in my ranting and carrying on if you, my fellow citizens, cannot see the harm and damage that PM LHL and his lazy, incompetent, insatiably greedy, corrupt and trash talking ministers are doing to Singapore. To the point: Change We Must! PAP OUT.

  7. If the candidate nominated for PM is from PAP, no difference lah! Change the speakers but still the same old shit music. Why bother with a government who doesn’t bother about us???

  8. Hope when this idiot goes he goes for good and not stay on as some bloody mental minister or something like that to carry on leeching millions from us. Understand that he mentioned he will stay if new pm request. Of course the new idiot pm whoever he is will let him stay out of gratitude la. Really tok cock.

    • Don’t forget: We are paying PM LHL millions of dollars. Plus the privilege to govern Singapore. He is truly Bo Leow. A bum and trash talker too. Soft and effeminate outwardly but oh, what a malicious and dishonest person he is! He must be exposed, shamed and then voted out. A shame to Singapore.

  9. Aiyoooooo……none of them got charisma….leadership….stylo….intelligent….people orientated…..far sighted…..god fearing…
    Wondering who…just cannot figure out…

  10. In school, a hot topic for debates is Are Leaders Born or Bred? To this, we add: Is Intelligence nature or nurture? Is Charisma God-given or man-driven? Is Passion and Compassion from the heart òr to be engineered? Take Martin Luther King, one of many examples. As a student, in his seminary class, mainly whites, King was their leader. Charismatic. Lead the blacks with passion and compassion. Cherish by all Americans. Winners are made, Saviours are born. Top brains, man-made fire. Little wonder why Singapore stagnates.

  11. Sad to say,the president is not a pure Malay
    when PAP said the white cat is black,it is black
    Bari good,the majority Singaporean dig their own grave by supporting white shirt

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