Lee Hsien Yang flies to Hong Kong with wife

picture credit: HK01

According to a HK01, an online publication from Hong Kong, Lee Hsien Yang flew into Hong Kong today with his wife, Mrs Lee Suet Fern. He told reporters that he is in the Special Administrative Region of China to explore with friends, and refused to talk about his ongoing dispute with his brother, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

In a statement he issued with his sister 10 days ago denouncing his elder brother, Mr Lee said that he feels compelled to leave Singapore for the ‘foreseeable future’.


In speaking to the Straits Times on his decision to leave Singapore, Mr Lee said that it was the only sensible option available to him and his family because they felt closely monitored and feared the use of state organs against them.

“I am a person who spent his life here, who has done public service, contributed in the private sector. This is my home. I wouldn’t do this unless I really felt there is a serious issue. “And I have felt this is not where I can continue to live, the way I have been living in the last two years.” – Lee Hsien Yang

Yesterday the Senior Minister of State for Law, Indranee Rajah questioned if Mrs Lee had a hand in drafting the final will of her father-in-law. To which Mr Lee responded that PM Lee is getting his Ministers to insult his father.

PM Lee is getting his Ministers to insult Lee Kuan Yew claims Hsien Yang


  1. Tharman also is on an official visit to China from now till 29/6/17.
    Is this coincidental?
    Something bigger might be on the horizon.

  2. What is the use of the 3 July parliament sitting when we can only hear pinkie and his cabinet of yes men and women putting up a show to justify their evil deeds. One sided story. Another example of pinkie dare not face hard question. If he is really so noble then call for a COI. Then all parties can give their side of the story. That is more meaningful then the most expensive wayang of all times. BTW has monkey finger answered why she is the contact person in pmo yet?

  3. Who started the whole show that needs the govt to involve? Sigh …….

    Please do not add salt & pepper onto the wounds , i will respect opposition parties more if they not involve in this whole issue.

    Like all mentioned, if the ruling party should not be involved, let alone the opposition.

    Lastly ….. SG will still be standing firm & steady, we been through so many hurricanes what is just an estate issue?

  4. I would have supported and respected PM had he called for a public consultation or national referendum on the issue of preserving 38 Oxley. Had he been straight with the country his wishes to conserve its heritage, I would have respected his courage to make the hard decision to defy his father’s will.

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