Finding a more sustainable CSR initiative

Andorra Women & Children Hospital visited Pusat Jagaan Baitul Hidayah orphanage Selangor, 5th June 2018.

In line with the preparation of Hari Raya celebrations, this visit during the holy month of Ramadan was meant not only to bring cheer to the orphans in the form of giving duit raya but it serves a wider purpose.

The Andorra personnel consisted of nurses and physiotherapists taught the boys and girls steps they can take daily to maintain a healthier well-being.

These include proper hygiene care for the body and teeth, simple exercises to keep the body active, and also tips on choosing a healthier diet.

Going a step beyond the norm

“Ramadan has always been about giving. It is the month to think of and offer help to those who are less fortunate. However, our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not just a one-time activity. Andorra is there to serve the community, and women and children’s healthcare is our forte.

“Even if they don’t have parents to turn to, the least they could do is looking after themselves without relying much to others. With this small contribution, to take into accounts the ‘pay it forward’ perspective, we hope these orphans and children from less fortunate families, one day, aspire to be doctors, or nurses, or any healthcare related providers” said Dr Khamsiah, Founder & Chairman, Andorra Women & Children Hospital.

The media release said Andorra, as the country’s premier children and women hospital, has always believed in providing exceptional care based on Syariah-compliant principles to its patients.