Aunty screams and strikes young girl maliciously on public bus for no good reason as fellow commuters remain silent

An older woman has been caught on camera lashing out at a girl on board a public bus in Singapore. It remains unclear when the incident occurred.

In the video, the older aunty – dressed in white – can be heard screaming at the girl who takes a seat beside her. The aunty can be heard shouting, “What happened to me? Just now your bag knock at me, you know? You understand a not?!” As the flabbergasted girl remains silent, the aunty violently grabs and pulls the girl’s backpack while continuing to scream, “You understand a not? Say sorry first. Don’t be so rude, okay?”

The aunty then shoves the girl – who can be seen struggling to move from the seat – against the bus window before taking her seat again. As the girl tries once more to move from the seat, the aunty refuses to give way and instead, stands up and pushes the girl so forcefully that the girl falls backwards.

The aunty finally lets the girl out of the seat after this but pushes the girl from the back as she moves out, causing the poor commuter to stumble. The harassed victim fortunately regains her footing and alights at the next bus stop.

All this while, the other commuters on the bus can be seen┬átaking videos of the incident with their mobile phones. It does not appear as though any of the other commuters went to the girl’s aid or confronted the bully based on the clip that has been trending on social media.

The video circulating online was posted on Facebook group, Singapore Incident, but appears to have been removed or made private. The video has also been circulating widely on messaging application, WhatsApp. A copy of the video can be seen here.

Netizens have flamed the older woman for her shocking behaviour while extending their support to the girl: